Modern Day Stigmatists

Notice: This section contains images that some readers may find graphic.


Rhoda Wise with the [wounds of Christ]. Healed she became a victim soul so others could receive graces.

[Portrait of Jesus] Christ as stigmatic Rhoda Wise saw Him. Jesus Himself asked for this to be made.

[Marie Rose Ferron] wears a crown of thorns similar to Rhoda Wise's stigmata and how Rhoda saw Jesus.



History tells us that many ecstatics bear on hands, feet, brow, body lash wounds, pierced body sides, bruises produced by the beam and on wrists, by swelling and bruises caused by falls and caused by the weight of the cross bites, the crown of thorns, all signs of martyrdom suffered by the Savior on the way to Calvary. These are called visible stigmata. Others have the intense sufferings, without any outward marks, and these phenomena are called *invisible stigmata. Examples are [Father Melvin Doucette] and [Dina Belanger] also [Emmanuel Segastashya].



Agatha Molki Dorothy Kerin Irving Francis Houle Marthe Robin
Alan Ames Edvige Carboni Jadwiga Bartel Martina Oforka
Alexandrina da Costa Elena Aiello Jane Hunt Mary Ellen Lukas
Alonso Diaz Barrios Elisabeth Galgóczy Katarzyna Szymon Mrs. Galeano
Amalia Aguirre Emma de Guzman Katya Rivas Myrna Nazzour
Anna Bohuslava Tomanová Emmanuel Segastashya* Little Audrey Santo Nasreen Jouni
Anne Catherine Emmerich Ethel Chapman Maddalena Azara Natuzza Evolo
Anne Louise Lateau Father James Bruse Magdalena Gornik Pina Micali
Antonio Ruffini Father Melvin Doucette* Margaret Reilly Raffaela Lionetti
Bettina Jamundo Filomena Carnevale Maria Domenica Lazzeri Rhoda Wise
Caterina Bartolotta Fra’ Elia Maria Esperanza Roque Jacinto Solaque
Clara Jung Francesco Forgione Maria Luisa Zancajo Rosalie Püt
Cloretta Robertson Gara Hopkins Maria Natalia Magdolna Rose Ferron
Cora Evans Gemma Galgani Maria Rumolda Ryan Stigmatist from Chicago
Dina Belanger* Grete Ganseforth Maria von Mörl Teresa Helena Higgins
Dora Visser Helena Charithaya Marie-Julie Jahenny Therese Neumann
Dorothea Menegon Farina Helena Pelczar Marisa Rossi