Ryan Stigmatist from Chicago



Above image from [this] video titiled "Fr. Peter Blesses Ryan the Stigmatist" October 15, 2011 - Fr. Peter Rookey blesses stigmatist Ryan during his 95th birthday banquet near Chicago. Ryan has the wounds of Christ and needs to wear bandages on his hands as did the stigmatist St. Padre Pio who Fr. Peter knew when he attended his Masses in Italy in the 1950's.

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Images from a video titled "Ryan from Chicago Displays His Painful Stigmata" January 7, 2013 - Below text about Ryan found here. A young man in Chicago named Ryan has had the stigmata-the wounds of Christ-for the past year. He bleeds from wounds in his hands and feet. He feels the crown of thorns and has a painful shoulder wound as well. He appears authentic and Church authorities are investigating this phenomenon. Here you can see the stigmata in his hands and the blood seems to be oozing as he displays it. I know Ryan and his mother. This is not self induced and he suffers incredible pain from these divinely given wounds. See for yourself as I did personally when I filmed this video on 1-5-13 at a home in Chicago. Praised be Jesus!


Ryan is pictured with Fr. Peter Rookey Ryan praying over Fr. Peter Rookey Ryan pictured with Father Rookey
Ryan's visible stigmata on the palm of his left hand Visible stigmata on the top of Ryan's left hand Ryan's visible stigmata on his left hand


August 12, 2012 - Below text about Ryan found here. I've recently been in contact with someone who I firmly believe has been in the presence of Saint Michael the Archangel several times and the stuff he's told me about him was fascinating. He said that he is 20-25 feet tall and when he appears a light tremor is felt (ie earthquake-like tremor). The tremors have been confirmed by this person's mother and I have great reason to believe everything this person has stated is 100% legit.

Well there's not much more I can go into about Saint Michael but the person I'm referring to is a young man named Ryan who lives in the Chicago area and suffers from Stigmata. In fact he is the first documented stigmatist in history to suffer all nine wounds of Christ (all others have suffered up to 8 or less wounds). I met him two weeks ago and it was the highlight of my year ths far, the most remarkable thing that occurred was something that randomly happens when he is holding a wooden rosary.

A young lady who was with Ryan and I handed Ryan her wooden Medjugorje Rosary and it began to sweat/secrete an oily substance while in his hands. He handed it to me and within 30 seconds or so my hands were covered with this substance. It had an intense aroma unlike anything I had ever smelt, something like roses mixed with oil of cloves. I was so taken by this I rubbed what was covering my hands all over my face, even after having showered 2-3 times over the next few days the scent still resonated. It is gone now but it comes back occasionally like when I'm praying or at Mass.

There is so much more I could say, I could probably write a 10 page essay on my experience of being with Ryan. He has laid hands on me and his mother has related quite a bit of info to me about what happened with him since entering into the Church back in 2010. I can only share my experience from my point of view.

This is interesting! Could you please tell us more about this?


Read below the following transcript from the video titled "Fr. Rookey Talks About Man With Stigmata"

I've got a wonderful birthday present. What's your present? We had a private Mass in our little chapel at our house. After Mass, we started talking about a young man named Ryan, who's 28 years old. Last Easter, he converted to the church. Shortly after, he began feeling pains in his hands. Wounds appeared first on his hands and later on his feet. He also got pains in his head. Guy Murphy, who must be Irish from Hillside, described this young man's experiences. He showed us a whole volume of colored pictures depicting various stages, ending with him lying in bed like Jesus laid out, with all the wounds, though he didn't mention any wounds in the side.

Murphy was closely following this young man's experiences in Hillside near the cemeteries. He had two dermatologists, skin doctors, come to our Saturday Mass to examine him. They found no natural reason for these wounds, which bleed. They sent their findings to the Cardinal's office, but the Church is cautious about accepting such things quickly. They were like that with Jesus too, doubting him initially.

Anyway, my best birthday present was the call from Ireland on my birthday, almost 40 calls from Knock, where Our Lady appeared. People were excited about Father Rookie being here and blessing everyone for the appearance. That was a special birthday.

So, I think Guy Murphy telling us about Ryan was my birthday present because I gave him our names to pray for us. Ryan, who's having serious family problems, will be praying for us too. It's definitely a blessing.

I've met quite a few people who received wounds like these, including Newman in Germany and Padre Pio. Women are receiving them too, though only a handful. Ryan has visited our office several times, and now he wears bandages on Saturdays because they hurt so much. He's afraid of infection and bleeds from them all the time.