Agatha Molki



Above images are of Agatha Molki. Right photo is with her visible stigmata on feet.



Early image of Agatha Molki's place of pilgrimage



From [here] and [here]. Rough translation from Dutch. Agatha van der Palen who was born in 1951 as Raphaella Agatha Molki Kindua in Papua New Guinea. She came into contact with the lay missionary Martien van der Palen, who was involved since 1965 with the Missionaries of the Divine Word New Guinea. He included pastoral duties for his account and was there for 17 years running. Van der Palen saw the young girl Agatha was very caring for her sick mother, which impressed him. In 1970, he married her. They had six children and adopted later in the Netherlands for five of a deceased brother. In December 1994 the family came to Van der Palens birthplace Valkenswaard.

Agatha's first appearance was in 1984 in which she saw in a dream Mary as the Lady standing on a cliff in wonderful light. Since October 17, 1998 Agatha regularly had ecstasies often talking to Mary, Jesus and angels. In total, until her death in 2002, there were 67 apparitions of Mary and also 67 other appearances, 61 of angels, Padre Pio, Joseph and Jesus. Each year had Agatha June 4 and 25 September an apparition of Mary. On February 5, 1999 Mary revealed herself to Agatha as the Lady of All Nations and gave Agatha commissioned to proclaim a message: "I am the Lady of All Nations; same as you saw earlier in your dream. I am your mother and the mother of all people. You have to go anywhere to say that people stop abortion. This anti-abortion appearance was repeated several times. The first time was 59 days in a row. As of September 25, 1998 Agatha went to share in the sufferings of Christ and received stigmata.

On May 19, Pentecost, 2002, she died at age 50 of a cerebral hemorrhage. She is buried at the public cemetery of Valkenswaard.

Following the publication of these phenomena was built a chapel in 1999, Cross site, which grew into a place of pilgrimage. In addition to the locally sourced participants Rosary, in 2002 there would have been a total of 70,000 visitors (250 per day), especially from Belgium, Germany, but also from France and Switzerland. However declined since the death of Agatha's visit.