Jane Hunt





In above brief excerpt Ian Wilson mentions about Jane Hunt's capacity for healing after the stigmata.



October 4th 1986 - Reported in [Anchorage Daily News] Saturday. Jane Hunt, a 28 year old woman from the United Kingdom began to report visions of Christ appearing in her pillow on the 24th of July 1985. The very next morning, the feast day of Saint James, Jane's hands began to itch and burn uncontrollably, she suffered on, and went about her daily routine with a quick visit to the local shops to buy groceries, it was there that she suddenly experienced tremendous pain, like needles were being pushed through her hands, blood began to flow from her palms although there were no puncture wounds visible.

The wounds would come and go from then on, but around Easter and generally on a Sunday the wounds would become more sensitive. At times when they appeared on her hands they looked somewhat like a blister and would burst spilling blood, sometimes up to a pint by Jane’s own estimate. Deep pits, or fissures appeared on her hands, but no piercing or puncture wounds were visible, soon Jane’s feet also began to show signs of the Stigmata, and she developed serious debilitating pain in her right side. More visions began, sometimes she felt as if she was “inside Christ”, she also had a vision of Mary in her house, and one vision of being allowed to hold Jesus just after his birth.

Jane also experienced a mentally disturbing vision of the Devil, who tried to undermine her faith and mock Jesus and the Stigmata. Another unusual occurrence was the scent of sweet roses through her house, which was also sensed by her Mother and Husband, this is also a scent often detected when a very Pius person dies, and many of the saints who have gone on to have “incorruptible bodies” have had the same smell emanate from them at death. Jane’s case becomes a little bit more unusual though, as in 1987 she had to undergo a full hysterectomy, from which she recovered nicely, but her stigmata was gone, and has not since returned.