Teresa Helena Higginson




Above photos are of Teresa Higginson. Right photo with her students.



Teresa Higginson (1844-1905) She was born in North Wales, lived most of her life in North West England and Scotland and died in Devon. Teresa was chosen by Christ to make known the devotion to his Sacred Head as the Seat of Divine Wisdom. Eleven years on and off went to school in Nottingham, run by the Sisters of Mercy, and then became a teacher. She witnessed the alleged apparitions of saints and Jesus, who in the years 1880 - in 1883 he had to dictate her devotion to His Blessed head and [twelve promises associated with this devotion].

According to the testimony of witnesses was the gift of the stigmata, bilocation prophecy, inedia and healing the sick. October 24, 1887 took part in the mystical marriage with Christ. She was buried in Neston-cum Parkgate in the cemetery of St. Boniface.


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