Pina Micali




Above photos are of Pina Micali with stigmata. Note [Natuzza Evolo] had similar visible stigmata.



Pina Micali's many blood/oil weeping sacramentals



Reported [here]. Rough Translation from Spanish. An image of the Holy Face of Jesus begins to weep and lasts several months, attracting the attention of countless devotees and curious; even the press, shown immediately interested. Thousands of people flock to see the face of Ecce Homo, and among them are those who receive graces, others who make or cure disease. Similar incidents had taken place in [Syracuse] in 1953, when an image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was crying for four days and produced many miracles. Tears were analyzed immediately and are known to be human tears.

Giampilieri Marina is a coastal village in the city of Messina, Italy, located 16 kilometers south of the city center. The city is located along the Strait of Messina. An incident that radically changed the lives of family and thousands of people at home Family Nino Micali, which is simple, familiar and friendly, the October 21, 1989 takes place.


The first episode is happened in October 1989

On October 21, 1989, in the house of Via Nazionale began to tear an image of Jesus. For three months, the event was repeated not only the image of the Holy Face of Jesus wept blood, but the statue of Our Lady was sweating, and other images, as a small picture of Padre Pio, who continued to tears several times.
The situation becomes more mystery on March 27, 1990, when, near Easter, tears from the eyes of the Santa Faz become blood, like blood coming out of the thorns, nose and mouth.

Not only that, but the blood crosses in various shapes and sizes starting to appear everywhere in the room seeping plugs and walls of the room where small crosses blood began to appear. Studies were conducted confirmed that it was human blood and tears. Since that October 21, 1989 to now what happened in that small room, where there are statues and images of Jesus, Mary and Padre Pio is often wept blood. It cures at room visitors lacrimation and rejoice in the love and deep prayer occurred.

Another thrill for all visitors is given by cotton cleaning the face with blood, from which emanates an intense and amazing scent, which is nicer than the best perfumes. Cotton scented mysteriously emits scent of roses or another and is not comparable with the best perfume on earth. Many faithful have seen with their own eyes that appear in the cotton clean bloodstains inexplicably remains unchanged for years.


Appearances and messages

The phenomena occurring in Giampilieri, are not limited to tearing, but much more. Pina had initially locutions, they call to prayer, love, penance and unity. Tearing is accompanied by apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Mrs. Micali is considered an instrument chosen by Madonna to spread messages of Jesus and Mary to mankind. On May 21, 1992, the Virgin appeared for the first time to Pina. Pina is a housewife, humble and simple, with basic education. On the same day, after the appearance in the visionary interior locution receives a message from Jesus.

After the first apparition, Our Lady continued to appear to the seer every Tuesday and Friday, while reciting the rosary group. While you can not see the virgin feel his presence because smell a sweet aroma. Pina Micali is the person who has the important role in the phenomena of Giampilieri. From the first time it was presented to the judgment of the Church, especially the Archbishop of Messina, he has always been aware of what happens and takes place in this small room. Giampilieri phenomena were always followed by the Church, which is informed of any event. It is edifying total obedience to his bishop of Pina Micali, and this attitude gives more credit to him, privileged instrument of the Virgin.



On January 24, 1992 Pina also received the stigmata, in the form of a cross, in the palm of her left hand. Since 1992, before every Lent, Pina revives the Passion of Jesus. The stigmata appear and a lot of pain in the hands, feet and side, but she struggles with every way to show always calm and cheerful, avoid appearing ill and weakened.

After she began to see Jesus, each year since 1992 and before the start of Lent, He asks if she is willing to rekindle their passion for conversion of sinners. The announcement is that each year would have increased pain in it, something that has always happened.
In recent years, Jesus has regularly asked Pina willingness to suffer, and that attitude of Jesus class has already happened and is happening in all victim souls who are willing to help the Lord to save sinners. Jesus does not force, but invites to participate in his Passion.

During Holy Week, the pain intensifies and is forced to stay in bed. After Lent, the stigmata and signs in different parts of the body begin to disappear and she slowly recovers. But across the palm of the left hand the remains of dried blood again as before even if the hand is washed with water.


The Messages


Regarding messages, for several years Pina has said nothing, because I was afraid of not being believed or, in any case, did not want to tell others who received messages from Jesus and the Virgin. For the sweet insistence of the Virgin began to reveal what was happening. Noteworthy are the words spoken by Jesus before initial visits to Pina: "I leave under the direction of My Mother. From now on it will be that will educate you. " These words highlight increasingly the figure of Mary Mediatrix and teacher of spiritual life. In many other souls chosen Jesus repeated these words in the past, because he wants to be reached Him through the mother. Thus the Virgin since 1993 has given many messages and messages about these times.

The Archbishop of Messina is aware of the messages, but so far has not acted. Pina has maintained maximum confidentiality and silence for some time, it shows only a few close friends. Along with confidentiality highlight the availability of the Micali family to visitors. They are always ready to welcome anyone who comes to see and, above all, to pray together the Rosary and the Chaplet of the Precious Blood of Jesus. From the first moment the Micali family has always refused offers of all kinds. They have consistently and categorically rejected many offers of money, although the family is humble and Micali are five to live with one monthly salary.

The house where they live seems to be the house of Nazareth because of its simplicity and dignity. In a message Our Lady said some words that require reflection: "I am always here with you day and night until the day my living instrument, I'm always here." The Lady promised to always be in that small room even when Pina is alive. This promise has always proven to be very true because those who enter this small room are very impressed and touched their hearts.For this reason many conversions took place, even cures in that room.


An extraordinary event


Incredible is an incident that occurred at the home of Pina: a person was possessed and treated by an exorcist priest because he received exorcisms, but the release of demons had not yet occurred, but had received improvements. The Exorcist in question did not believe Pina and not watery home. One day, the possessed person went home Pina in Giampilieri clearly contravening the advice of the priest, who did not believe. It was miraculous what happened when that person set foot in the room of tears, because the Holy Face of Jesus and the statues of the Virgin began to mourn blood. The possessed fell down and the demons inside her body began to mourn and immediately left and fled the room tearing, and crosses with blood formed on the wall and statues. The person rose from the ground without more demons in the body only because she had entered the house Pina faith. He not made any prayer or the exorcist had intervened. The Exorcist did not think, he knew what had happened in the house of Pina and has publicly changed his mind; He became an apostle of the house and tearing Pina.


The fruits


Conversions that took place at that site were numerous. Faithful from many parts of Italy come and then return to their homes or converted or near the conversion occurs later, thanks to their visit to that room. From that place they were born even religious vocations. Young people have discovered their mission, meditating before the statues have cried. But as always it happens in these cases, the Virgin of Giampilieri is creating strong contrasts. On one side are those who preach miracles and miraculous healings. On the other side are those who speak openly that there is a deception. Pilgrims can go to the Chapel of Giampilieri on Via Nazionale, the site of the apparitions, where the image of Our Lady of Lourdes and the bronze head of Christ is preserved. According to the official website a prayer on Tuesdays and Fridays at 16.30 and the 1st Saturday of the month at 21:00 there is a prayer vigil with the recitation of the four mysteries of the rosary, which was requested by the Madonna works.

Twenty-five years after home was media news


After years of media silence she was back the case of the statue of Our Lady of Giampilieri that had begun to mourn again very profusely. A story that was big news 25 years ago, when for the first time the strange phenomena manifested in the house of Mrs. Pina Micali, suddenly back home became a destination for pilgrims en masse, from all over Italy who wanted to attend the Regular watering of the image. The last case was on Monday, October 27, 2014. It was 11 when the statue of Our Lady began to mourn profusely in the eyes of many devotees.

Tears began to flow from his eyes watering dress the statue. Word of mouth among the faithful in a few minutes brought the house of Mrs. Micali dozens of people who witnessed the repetition of the mysterious incident. On the origin of this phenomenon, however, no one has been able to give answers. The church, as always happens in these cases is very cautious and made no official comment.



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