Maddalena Azara



Maddalena Azara pictured above with stigmata on her hands and feet.


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Rough translation from Italian. " You shall be like a dove. You'll go from the sick, the suffering, and you distribute the Eucharist." With these words the Bishop Peter Meloni, as holder of the [Diocese of Tempio, Sardinia], has given his time to the stigmatized Magdalene Azara the extraordinary ministry Eucharist, then confermatole assignment by the new Bishop Paul Atzei.

Magddalene Azara a simple creature, farmers daughter, wife and mother, at the same time is a person marked in an extraordinary way. Stigmatized for over ten years - Magddalene was born in Olbia, Italy in 1937 - to the feet, hands, wrists, arms, chest, forehead, mysticism proposes, in a social context notoriously linked to the tradition, the last and more interesting version of the woman in the relationship with the sacred, in a function that was used to seeing carried out exclusively by the priest. The plagues of Azara shed blood in religious occasions and have epigraphic character, since the stage of healing depict signs and symbols of the Catholic faith. The result of that Maddeleine Azara enjoys among the faithful, who have no prejudice of any kind or any form of fear or distrust, it is great, how great is the hardening of the woman and her uncommon courage in traveling alone for the rugged lands of island, in order to bring relief to the elderly, the sick, the poor, the marginalized.