Brother Roque Jacinto Solaque




Left images is Roque Jacinto Solaque before his stigmata. Right photo is Brother Roque with stigmata.





Reported [here] and [here]. Rough translation from Spanish. Note: The following comment was taken from the weekly LLANO 7 DAYS of the day January 11, 2000 - Brother Roque Jacinto Solaque was a man of God who lived in Restrepo but true life event history Plain is departed in today Archdiocese of Villavicencio because unwittingly be was a man chosen by the hand of God do their work from the mystery of stigmatization very special and mystical phenomenon rooted in only those people who have become reparative eucharistic souls.

It all started in the year 1994 when Brother Roque Jacinto Solaque income community called Inmaculada Concepcion but better be told The Sons of the Mother of God, there still not being preparqado in secondary or higher education income being single candidate but short time being in the eyes of God in different from the other brothers at the time the Lord Jesus Christ allowed him to participate in his imprinting Pasion sores inside the human dimension. The Chronicles of the community of the Sons of the Mother of God say that the night before the printing of the sores Roque Jacinto Solaque brother stayed in the chapel near his cell after the prayer of the complete staying for a while asleep and letting the Holy Book Holy Bible open in his psalm in which it was said about a covenant between God and the creature.

The next morning being 7 in the morning, the brothers others were asked strange that the brother Roque not under the breakfast and one brother went to call it, was when Brother Omar found him inpregnado blood but with smell roses. The case of Brother Roque Jacinto Solaque is not the first known case in the Department of Meta, another was to [Alonso Diaz Barrios]. Brother Roque was a seminarian Seminar Restrepo, èl died after he had manifestations known as stigmata or footprints in the ecstatic saints, as a symbol of the participation of their souls in the passion of Christ.

On the case of Roque Jacinto Solaque Bishop Gregorio Garavito Jimenez, retired bishop of the Diocese of Villavicencio, as theologian and pastor of the Church he elaborated: "Roque prophesied that he would die at such date and at such time, before the facts there is nothing to say "

If after reading this article you want to visit the grave of Roque Jacinto Solaque, you should just go to the municipality of Restrepo located half an hour from the city of Villavicencio, capital of Meta department in the Republic of Colombia city, you can go carrtera fully paved and only approximately 15 km dede Villavicencio, you must come to the parish of the Immaculate Concepcion ask a brother guide so you can carry on pilgrimage to the well first enter the Shrine of the Immaculate Concepcion or go straight to the grave of brother Roque Jacinto place Solaque.