Alan Ames




Above images are of Carver Alan Ames visible stigmata on palms/foot.



Excerpt from [video] interview (at the 4:20 minute mark) on Alan's stigmata. Alan Ames a lay evangelist and renowned healer. Recently revealed that he also received the stigmata. Q. Did you ask God why this was happening to you? A. (Alan) He said he wants to share in his love in another way. To come to know him in a closer more intimate relationship. He is also showing me that as he suffered that sometimes christians have to suffer. If we are Christ like. We have to expect that we will have suffering in our life.


[Carver Alan Ames] was born on November 9, 1953 in the English town of Bedford. Despite his earlier upbringing as a Catholic, he strayed from the Church in no uncertain terms. His sinful ways led him to living a wasted life of drinking and fighting. When he was virtually in the depths of despair, he met Kathryn, a girl from Australia. This meeting seemed to have changed his outlook on life. They were married and headed for Australia to begin a new life. Having been blessed with two children, and finding a good job, the move seemed to have paid off.

A few years later Alan was beginning to hear voices that urged him to drink and fight. Confused, and mindful of being labelled 'mad' if he openly complained, Alan kept this to himself. The pressure eventually got to him and he found himself joining bad company and picking up his old habits of drinking and fighting. Some months went by and Alan was now beginning to have nightmares that kept him awake at night. Kathryn was very concerned with his behaviour and suggested he see a priest. However, not having been a regular church goer, Alan did not take up this suggestion. In his quest for a solution Alan found himself going to various 'healers', but could see that they were swindling many out of their belongings. This experience gave Alan an insight into the traps that lie in wait for the unwary.

It was an angel who eventually spoke and guided Alan in the right direction. Further assistance came from St.Teresa of Avila and the Apostles Andrew and Matthew. They taught him how to pray and explained the Scriptures. Some months later, after coming back to the Sacraments, Alan had his first vision of Our Blessed Mother. She appeared revealing Her Immaculate Heart. The visits of Our Lady to Alan continued as he endeavoured, with encouragement, to lead a life of prayer. He was now attending Mass daily and reciting the rosary up to nine times a day.

A few months later Alan was stopped in his tracks as he found himself giving undivided attention to the heart warming voice, full of love and compassion, which he immediately recognised to be that of Jesus.

See [here] miraculous photo - Crucifix which Alan Ames uses during his healing prayer sessions clearly shows blood oozing from the Crown of Thorns around the head of Jesus. See [here] three doves appear with visionary on Trinity Sunday, Lourdes Grotto in San Antonio, Texas. Visit Alan's International Ministry Facebook [page].