The crucifix made according to instructions given by the Holy Archangel Raphael during the fifth appearance to Wim Holtschlag




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Webmaster note: I was reading about Wim Holtschlag a simple carpenter and father of two who St. Raphael the Archangel visited for total of about 28 apparitions spanning from 1984 to 2000. The events took place at his home in Haaksbergen The Netherlands. I wrote Herb Van Dam the webmaster of and asked him if this crucifix was truly miraculous. Herb was very kind and forward my question to Wim Holtschlag's spiritual director. See below his response.

Dear Robin below is the answer to your question given by the spiritual director of the seer, Wim Holtslag.

Wat ik over het kruis in Haaksbergen weet is dat het in opdracht van de engel geplaatst is. Onder het kruis moest de Moeder van zijn Heer en meester staan met de geliefde leerling. De kruisbroeders is gevraagd om zoveel mogelijk mensen naar het kruis te brengen omdat men daar genaden ontvangt. In die zin is het kruis wel myraculeus te noemen. Mensen envaren er vrede en gaan verkwikt verder maar dat kan men zeggen van iedere godsontmoeting. Met vriendelijke groeten, L.Buyens pr. K parochie Lith


What I know about the cross in Haaksbergen is, that it was made and placed at the request of the Holy Archangel Raphael, (as described in the "Messages"). Below the cross was to be placed the Mother of his Master and His beloved disciple, (John).

The Brothers of the Cross have been asked to bring as many people as possible to the cross because of graces going out from it. Because of that, the cross can be called miraculous. People who come experience peace and leave spiritually lifted up, but that can be said from every encounter with God. Fr. L. Buyens.

On a personal note. This is true because My wife and I visited the cross in 2001 and came away spiritually refreshed. Herb Van Dam.

Here is the message from the Fourth appearance of the Holy Archangel Raphael to Wim Holtslag.

[At he end of the message there it is mentioned where Holy Archangel Raphael is holding the crucifix]

In the night of 15-16 August 1985 I was awakened at 2 o’clock and saw St. Raphael standing at the foot-end of my bed. He was dressed, the same as last time, in a snow-white garment. Everything was even clearer than before. A shaft of light surrounded him. He motioned to me that I should come to him. I got up. “Pray with me!” he said, kneeling down before a small mission cross on the wall. I followed his example. He said: “In honour of the five Holy Wounds of my master we pray his prayer.” He started with: “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.” He bowed deeply
praying this. Obviously I went along with him. Together we prayed slowly and solemnly five times the Our Father and five times Glory be. Again he crossed himself, bowed deeply and stood up.

Next he said: “See me as the angel of God, my Creator and Master, third in rank. Call me Raphael.” Again he spoke saying: “Bringing peace to this home and household.” Thereby I thought of the children and he gestured to me to follow him. We were at once in the bedroom of my daughter. The angel Raphael pointed with his right hand to the bed and said: “See, an angel of God protects her.” Thereby I saw an angel completely clothed in white, stand by her bed, his hands crossed over his chest and the eyes cast downward. The angel stood in a protective posture. Next we went to the bedroom of my son. The same scene repeated itself. Here Raphael said: “So you can see that the children are under the protection of God’s angels. They don’t have to be afraid for the future when they walk in God’s ways. Teach them to lay their lives in the hands of my Master.”

The following refers to the questions of a priest of whom a letter, in closed envelope, lay in a drawer of my nightstand. St. Raphael said: “The anointed of God, who has questions regarding his life, must call on St. Bernard, a servant of my Lord and Master, and contemplate his life. Doing that, he will receive answers to his questions.”

There upon he said: “Dress yourself in the next few minutes.” I dressed myself and realized that he was no longer present. Still, a hazy light stayed behind. About five minutes later, just when I was done dressing, the angel Raphael stood, dressed in purple, at the foot-end of our bed and said: “This is my penitential garment. Now you shall see the atrocities of the world.” He then put out his hand, which I grasped and so we left the house. Some people ask me if I really went with the angel.

About the happenings of that night I can give the following report. In the evening when I went to bed, all the buttons were on my shirt. I tore a button of my left sleeve during my hasty dressing, which I put in the breast pocket and went away with St Raphael. I came back, undressed and went back to bed.

While dressing the next morning I told my wife: “A button became undone last night but I saved it.” I removed the button from my breast pocket. My wife was flabbergasted when I soberly stated: “I have been away with St. Raphael!”

There was light outside and we went in an easterly direction. Below me I saw different countries, races and peoples. I saw the abominations of the world and the people who, through their actions, are the reason for the suffering of Christ. This suffering is caused by: abortions, fornications, homosexuality, sacrilege, war, murder, violence, swearing, slander, child molestation, etc. I saw thereby the image of Jesus with a Heart radiating love, which was not accepted by the people. Christ cried; heavy tears fell down His cheeks.

From the earth arose a terrible stench. This was similar to sulphur and manure, an indescribable stench. Thereby I saw a beastlike figure with a head as from a goat, with horns. His hands were claws with which he held a sack with gold pieces. St. Raphael pointed to this figure and said: “This is the angel of perdition.” The people received their gold pieces as reward for their wicked works. I saw innocent children beaten and being sexually misused by grownups. In the Netherlands I saw five children who were being murdered through abortion. In Japan was this tenfold and in America still more. Over the whole world I saw man as well as woman, who slept with people of the same gender, getting pleasure from each other’s bodies. I also saw God’s anointed men and woman, in priestly clothing or habit, who were unfaithful to their promise or vow and who during the day fulfilled their priestly or religious assignments but gave themselves over at night to sex-lives. Again I saw the weeping Christ as previously described.

Again, through all these actions, unworthy of man came the same stench up. The angel of perdition stood laughing on the side let go of a howl like a crying wolf. Then the angel of perdition changed and also became a priest. He appeared completely normal. While he went amongst the unsuspecting people he encouraged them to do evil under the guise that it was good. I heard people swear and slander God. Also I saw people with a head cover like a sort of turban, trample on the Cross of Christ, breaking it. I saw woman in man’s clothing (long pants). I also saw a woman in a coverall at a construction site. Hereof said the angel full of abhorrence: “The place of a woman in God’s creation, as He meant it, is to be mother in the household and to look after her children, full of humility and co-operating in God’s creation.” Hereby I saw a mother with her children. She told them of the love of Jesus Christ.

Suddenly I could no longer look at the suffering done onto Christ. The angel then held his hand before my eyes and comforted me saying: “You will also see the good that still lives in this world.” Upon this I received a picture of a group of people (mostly women) dressed in half-length skirts and their head covered with a cloth. They were busy praying the rosary. A light shaft went from this to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and he laughed. Then St. Raphael said: “Let this be an example for your community, encourage many people to prayer. Prayer and sacrifice can be the deliverance for this condemned world. Go often on a pilgrimage.” Again I saw people, and among them priests pointed out by St. Raphael, who where of good will and who had consecrated their lives to God.

Further, I saw people totally naked, who truly owned nothing and who suffered terribly from hunger. This was compared with my own “riches” like my home, my furniture, the rich food and drink, money, clothing etc. Hereupon the angel said: “Do like my Master did and share with your brothers, like the one who stands naked beside you: clothe him.” Then I saw a man who was terribly hungry. “Feed him. This is the wish of my Master and the creator of heaven and earth; Share your earthly belongings with your brothers, the creatures of God’s hand.”

Next I saw Jesus Christ sitting on a throne with His hands stretched out to a procession of uncountable children clothed in white. Directly upon their arriving they rallied around His throne like little angels. I remembered their faces. They were the aborted children. After this we returned the same way we came, to my bedroom. Raphael then said: “Put down in writing everything you have seen and heard. You can expect me four times yet and the last time shall be when the end-time is there.”

He spoke further: “Before the end-time a decree shall be given by the holder of St. Peter’s Chair, John-Paul the second. A writing made by you, and the anointed who leads you in the language of the Holy Church, what for you is a dead language.

(Personally I thought hereby about Latin).

It will be a writing concerning the seal of the living God. Look for it in the Holy Bible, under the name of St. John. This contains that the holder of St. Peter’s Chair shall call for a forty day fast, after the example of my Master. After that, all who remain faithful, shall receive the sacrament of repentance, shall renew their baptismal promise and thereby receive the laying on of hands by a priest. The first one to do this must be the occupier of St. Peter’s Chair, John-Paul the second. By this action shall the one named here, receive the seal from the Holy Spirit. He passes this on in the same way to the
cardinals, bishops and priests. Then also shall the faithful receive the seal of the living God. You shall be further and extensively informed about what must happen.”

At the end of the appearance St. Raphael took in his hands the procession cross, that is meant for the pilgrimage to Heede (a small village in northern Germany). This cross stands in the corner of my bedroom. He said:The work that you do is good and brings happiness to my Master. Keep praying and lay your life in His hands.” Suddenly I thought about the pain in my leg and he said: “Offer it up for the suffering that my Master carried.” After that he put the procession cross back in its place. Then I thanked St. Raphael for everything I had heard and seen and he laughed happily, bent very deep to the mission cross on the wall and said: “Angelorum Domine.” Hereafter he blurred and as gone. I looked at the alarm clock. It was exactly five o’clock. I undressed and went to bed.

You may contact the family Holtschlag. The cross can be found with the same family: Buurserstraat 127 7481 EH HaaksbergenThe Netherlands.


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