Wim Holtschlag - The seer of Haaksbergen




Interior of the chapel. Once a week there is a celebration.



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July 16, 2014 - Reported [here]. Rough [translation] from Dutch.

Limburg to Groningen Netherlands has hundreds of former places of pilgrimage. Wedding searching this summer for traces of the forgotten devotion. Today: the backyard of Wim Holtschlag Haaksbergen.

The last time the Archangel Raphael to Wim Holtschlag (77) may again appeared a long time ago, his back is still considered sacred ground. Anyone who drives on the road connecting the village of Haaksbergen, Twente with Germany, rushes easily ignore the signpost Holtschlag has put down his driveway. The sign says "chapel" pointing to the backyard. In that place he had in the mid-eighties of the last century on a regular basis meetings with Archangel Raphael. The Holtschlag backyard has since been completely renovated in the spirit of the heavenly messenger. Rafael commanded under the birch tree that had erected a shrine stood. "Only in the foundation I had a free hand," Holtschlag says while he goes to the sanctuary, a chapel which occupies half of the garden. The rest is tiled. Initially, the chapel unprotected in the garden, but to inconvenience for local residents to limit and reduce the influence of the weather, Holtschlag built a shed in the 1987 winter around it.


In the chapel are a number of rules. For example, who comes with a dog, the animal must be delayed beyond. "I think respectfully. Indeed, there has been an angel," said Holtschlag. Then the retired carpenter looking for a while in silence before him. That's one reason, it appears. Actually talking Holtschlag, a nondescript man who also seer lets call it, not so much with journalists. In the picture he wants. When it all began, there was the media attention. There are, according to him written things that are not right, just to ridicule him and nailed to the pillory. "Yet I show you this," he says. "Whoever follows God can expect reproach." In the chapel is dim. Everything is impeccably maintained. A curtain for the window filters the scarce light that falls inside. An altar and a large cross with them the body of Christ dominate the space, including Mary and the apostle John. Away stands a statue of the Archangel Raphael, more than a meter high. The figure has been designed based on the testimonies of Holtschlag itself: looking serene, almost entirely beige in color, the hair golden.

Werry Crone Between Thursday, August 23, 1984 and Friday, September 26th, 1985 Archangel five times Holtschlag appeared. What he saw exactly Holtschlag do not want to repeat. "I have everything already written," he says, pointing to a brochure lying on a table. "Messages for the new age" is the devotional treatise he self-published, and which are also descriptions of the 28 times that the archangel is only addressed to him through verbal messages. It reads like a meticulous record of all meetings. For example, about that first time, when the carpenter at the foot of the bed suddenly noticed a hazy figure, usually affecting the eyes (dark brown) and semi-long hair (golden blond) noticed him. He writes: "I stood up and grabbed his hand. There was peace from him which I was not anxious or afraid. " And about meeting a year later: "I saw that his garment was a sort of snow-white alb. The sleeves were very wide. His hands he held crosswise on the chest. When he spoke of something divine, he folded his hands with palms together. "

Since Holtschlag his experience has made public the pilgrimage attracts believers from both sides of the border. In the early years drove the pilgrims by coach to Holtschlags backyard, much to the chagrin of the neighborhood. Today, the flow of pilgrims has been weakened considerably. Still, the sanctuary still has some appeal, especially for Catholics of conservative cut. Once a week there is a celebration. A small group of faithful coming towards it. "Sometimes there are two, then five," said Holtschlag. He does not regret is that attention has declined. "Now that the thrill seekers remain at least at home."

Women in men's clothes

Five times Raphael Holtschlag took. During the apparitions, the archangel showed the carpenter all kinds of signs of the impending end of time: war, abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality. "All over the world I saw men and women who sleep with people of the same sex, enjoying each other's body," Holtschlag noted afterwards. And: "I saw women in men's clothes (long pants). I also saw a woman in overalls on a construction site. " While he ranks some devotional books Holtschlag says he still stands behind his writings. It was not a dream, he knows for sure. "I've seen everything literally," he decided. "It's all true." In one breath: "As it is now, the world turns.

While he ranks some devotional books Holtschlag says he still stands behind his writings. It was not a dream, he knows for sure. "I've seen everything literally," he decided. "It's all true." In one breath: "As it is now, the world does not revolve through I can tell you the earth is black God is against abortion, against homosexuality, against euthanasia...."

Why precisely he is elected, Holtschlag do not know, but clearly command Raphael gave him to bring back 'to cross' Netherlands. He walks to the back of his sanctuary and shows a picture which is a bit discolored. Seen Holtschlag himself, twenty years younger, eye to eye with Pope John Paul II. In 1994 he was granted an audience in Rome. That explains Holtschlag, was commissioned by the angel. In the picture the seer from Haaksbergen presents a picture of Raphael to the prelate. "He gave his apostolic blessing," says Holtschlag satisfied if he receives the scene in itself. However, the assignment the Pope gave him to approve the heavenly message by the church. The brochure 'messages for the new age' is therefore also went towards the archdiocese. Holtschlag heard nothing back. He smiles: "That is why I assume it's what I do." Suddenly fumbling is heard at the door. Holtschlags Diny woman sticks her head round the door. "Did my husband you already converted?" She asks. She has coffee and waffles penny put in the garage. No, for an interview she has no time. "But I fully support my husband," she cries before she disappears into the house. Holtschlag late chapel for what it is and runs through the tiled garden to the refreshments in the garage. Often it is his mouse-gray Fiat Panda, once a week the shelter serves as a coffee room after the small celebration at the cross. A kedinghanger still hangs a priest robe of white glitter dust.

Balmy breeze

Holtschlags initial reluctance to tell a stranger about the archangel has now completely disappeared. He puts a penny wafer in his mouth and tells. "I do my mouth but to open and I speak." Immediately afterwards: "I speak he speaks?" Solemnly: "I see myself standing at an intersection of the street left is the wide road with lots of bustle, right the narrow road to the light.."

Although the archangel himself for some time no longer has exhibited in the flesh, Holtschlag detects yet settled near him as he kneels in front of the cross. "A warm, warm wind is a landmark stabbing of his presence." Carpenter expects to have new encounters. Rafael ever promised to appear seven times. Holtschlag "I therefore expect three more appearances."



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