Jug of water blessed by Our Lord at Rhoda Wise home. Host that miraculously appeared and floated down to the bottom is still there for over 47 years.



[See/view] Portrait of Jesus as mystic and stigmatic Rhoda Wise saw Him.


This jug of water contains water that Our Lord blessed when Rhoda was alive. He told her to give the water to the sick. The priest told her to pour out a third of it and refill the rest with tap water and give it away. That it will never lose it's blessing. That is what they still do to this day at the Wise home. You can obtain this Holy water blessed by Our Lord from the Wise home.

In 1960 twelve years after Rhonda died when Anna Mae was at the Wise home with family, her children we young and it was really hard for her to keep the doors open. She was thinking about closing them. One day she was with a friend filling little bottles of water to give away for a bus of people that were coming. She was grumbling about it the whole time she was doing it. And the friend that was helping her could feel it and said Anna Mae pass me the jug I can fill the water for you. When Anna Mae went to hand it to her they both saw a flash. The next thing they saw was a Host falling through the water. They called [Monsignor Habig] and he did not know what to make of it. He said let's just wait and see. It's been 47 years and it's still in there in one piece.

Monsignor Habig said not to venerate it. It's never been tested but it's still there. Anna Mae stayed in the Wise house until she died in 1995. She willed the house to Mother Angelica and her sisters because it's such an important part of Mothers story.

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