The Virgin Mother appears on window Sime Darby Medical Centre, Malaysia



Above are photos of Our Most Holy Mother on a hosptial window in Malaysia. Below are photos of The Face of Jesus that slowly appeared two windows below The Blessed Mothers Image.


See video news report [here].


Updates February 13, 2013 - [See/view] story titles "Malaysian apparition of Mary continues to draw crowds." November 20, 2012 [See/view] letter statment regarding the arrival of the Images of Our Holy Mother and Jesus that appeared on windows of a hospital, Malaysia. November 16, 2012 [See/view] letter statement from Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Klang regarding the Images that appear on the windows of a hospital, Malaysia. November 13, 2012 [See/view] story titled 'Virgin Mary' window to move to Klang church.



Image of Virgin Mary Jesus windows


[See/view] photos of the day these beautiful Images were removed and transported to the Klang Church.


November 10, 2012 - Reported [here]. Crowds flock before Image of Virgin Mary on hospital window. Subang Jaya: An image of what seems to be the Blessed Virgin Mary on a window at the Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC) here is drawing crowds.

A large group of people, mostly Catholics, gathered below the area at the new wing of the hospital on Saturday, lighting candles, singing hymns and reciting prayers. Traffic was heavy around the vicinity, with even tourist buses pulling up by the roadside. Photographs of the image, which is believed to have appeared several days ago, have gone viral on Facebook.

Access to the window from inside the building has been restricted by the hospital. A hospital official declined to comment on the matter. Catholic newsletter The Herald editor Rev Father Lawrence Andrew said the Catholic Church would withhold official comment until the image had been tested and verified by theologians and church authorities.

Catholics believe that Mary, as mother of Jesus Christ, is the Mother of God.

Please note this recent news story where the Virgin Mother [appeared in New Jersey] on October 16, 2012 - also on a window.


The windows are being venerated at Our Lady Of Lourdes Church. The address is No. 114, Jalan Tengku Kelana, 41000, Klang, Selangor, 41000, Malaysia.