Metal of St. Pio and blood show up above Our Lady's heart in photo




The Bleeding Heart of Our Lady of Fatima Statue known as La Mama Mia Di Padre Pio.



This well known Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which has traveled over a good part of the world, has been venerated by well over 60,000 people, through the help and intercession of Our Dear Blessed Mother Mary for the Beatification of Padre Pio. In his General Audience of November 11, 1998, the Holy Father John Paul II blessed this statue.

The statue was made available to us through the intercession of Padre Pio. This is indeed a sign bestowed upon us by Our Blessed Mother. This picture was taken by one of the members of Mary's Pilgrims. You will notice by Mary's heart a jagged edge, and in the picture it shows a medal and Rosary beads. When this photo was taken, there was no medal or red by the heart on the statue. The person who took this picture stated so. It is the opinion of some that Mary is trying to tell us something. Could the red in the picture represent blood? There are some who claim they see a figure of Padre Pio in the medal.

Here is a statement by Mrs. Viola Suazo of Moriarty, New Mexico, regarding this picture:

I, Viola Suazo, went on Marian Cruise #3, Feb. 23 to March 7, 1997. As we stopped at each island and we took the statue of Our Lady of Fatima with us, among other things, I would take a picture or pictures of her (Our Lady of Fatima). I also took pictures of her on the ship, The Meridian, on deck, in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel, etc.

When I got home and had the pictures developed and when I got them back, the pictures that I had taken of her and of the whole chapel on the ship, I noticed that they had what looked like blood on Our Blessed Mother's chest and there is a brooch with a picture of a man that seems to many people, me included, to be Padre Pio.

None of the other pictures that I took of Our Blessed Mother has the stain of blood nor the brooch, but the ones in chapel. There are four pictures.

At the same time that I was taking pictures with my still camera, I was also video taping the same thing, one after the other. The blood and the brooch also came out on the video tape and only on the pictures and video that I took of her in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel on the ship.