Stunning Crucifix that came alive to St. Gemma




In the dining room of the Giannini home there is a large stunning crucifix. Gemma often venerated it. Once in 1901 Gemma, who was preparing the table by herself for the family dinner, had some extra time. She gave the crucifix a loving glance. The more she looked at Him, the more her heart beat in her breast and yearned. She finally exclaimed, “O Jesus, let me come to Thee, I thirst for Thy life-giving Blood.” The Image transformed itself into the Divine Person it represented. Jesus detached His right arm from the cross and called her to Him. She, in an instant, was with Him. He pressed her to His Side and she, standing as if on a cloud and embracing Him with both arms, in blessed rapture drew from his Sacred Heart long draughts of love.


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