Our Lady of Lourdes sheds tears, Ukraine



Our Lady weeps sorrowful tears.



October 26, 2009 - Rough translation from Polish. In a small originally Polish town and that is at the moment within the jurisdiction of the Ukraine, a small image of the Virgin of Lourdes it began to spill tears in 2005. The liquid substance was analyzed professionally and were found to sees human tears. The image also dismissed scent roses, particularly days 13 (anniversary of Fátima), and was made especially hard the day of the death of Juan Pablo II and Sister Lucia (viewer of Fátima)They have also seen the sun dances phenomena, healings and conversions.

Nizankowice (in Ukrainian Nyzhankovychi), belonged until the aim from World War II to Poland and the district of Przemysl, whose capital, also of Przemysl name, is very important an historical and economic city within Poland nowadays and that it is to 12 km of Nizankowice. After the Second World War, the parish along with the City happens to belong to the territory of the USSR. The temple was used by the Communists like grain warehouse and other agricultural products. The Polish inhabitants fled to Poland. Polish citizens fled to Poland.

The district of Przemysl was split in two between the USSR and Poland ace well ace the region of Galicia. Disappeared the USSR, the Ukraine one became independent and the annexed region by the USSR stayed as part of the Ukraine. All the Galitzia and Nizankowice are in the subcarpática region and taking to Poland like reference, to the South-east of Poland. Nizankowice is 3 km from to border between Poland and Ukraine. The last Mass was celebrated in 1948. After 1970, stopped using it ace to warehouse and was abandoned.

Tears Virgin of the Virgin began the 6 of January of 2005, in the day of Three Kings Magi. In the small Ukrainian town of Nizankowice and in its small church, there is a wood sculpture of Our Mrs. of Lourdes. That day a young person monaguillo Wzodzimierz Moroz, when she happened through a lateral chapel of the Church, saw that the small image of the Virgin had drops like of tears in an eye. That day to Young altar I go Wzodzimierz Moroz, while passing through to side chapel of the Church, there am saw the small appears of the Virgin had drops like tears in one eye.

The image is of wood, painted with paint that is resistant to moisture. Figure standing up in the altar, and the internal investigation was excluded the possibility that were originating drops of the ceiling. The salty liquid was tested by the people who were reminded salty human tears. Father Lorenc Dobromiu parish priest in the parish says: " What I saw was amazing for me. The first time that I saw the tears in the divine face of the mother I asked, why? , what has happened? , which is the reason of the tears? " It was able to reunite the mysterious liquid of the face and it transferred other priests to make an examination of the substance in a professional laboratory. Got to together the mysterious liquid on the phase and transferred to other priests to make an examination of the substance in professional a laboratory.

Tears were analyzed in a laboratory and the result was that they were human tears and had all the components of these, without missing any. In addition next to the image to the Virgin of Lourdes, an pleasant perfume of roses was appraised. These episodes repeated day 13 of every month, date of the Virgin of Fátima. The phenomenon of the tears of the image was of more intensity the days of the death of Bright Sister and Juan Pablo II. They were 102 days of lacrimaciones. At the moment there are people who continue feeling scent roses, happen treatments, some with medical certification, and phenomena similar to those of Fátima take place (dance of the sun), and other similar phenomena.

The Church, pertaining to the catholic Latin rite, was erected in Sanctuary of Maria Mother of the Divine Providence or of Our Lady of the Providence in 2007 by Cardinal Marian Jaworski.