Our Lady of Fatima weeps tears of blood, Catamarca Argentina





February 25, 2011 - Reported [here]. Rough translation from Spanish. The statue of Our Lady of Fatima, with tears of blood aroused the amazement of the community of Bethlehem Catamarca. About a week ago, the image of Our Lady of Fatima located in one of the oldest churches in the city of London, Dept. Belén in Catamarca province, shocked society when it was a tear of blood ran down from her left eye. A family of Aimogasta record the images above. On Friday afternoon 25 to 19:30 hours, Family Aimogasta native Barrera, upon hearing the surprising news and just being in the area, came to one of the oldest churches are in second place in London, Bethlehem, Catamarca and took pictures of the Virgin.

It would have realised it to the discovery, yesterday, a tucumana woman, who was in London to give donations of Cáritas. The woman went church to pray Sunday. Realising the surprise, this person gave notice to passersby. At the moment, it was decided to take a sample from the blood, so that catamarqueña is analyzed in the capital. In addition, the people wanted to clean the spots of blood with a paper napkin, but the drop in the eye formed again. The image of the Virgin of Fátima, was donated by the Herrera family 60 years ago it was taken from Fiambalá, to London, by order of them.

Regarding this incident, the vice president of the commission protemple, Petrona Alaniz said "when I saw me to lot of excitement because it must sees suffering from something." Once well-known the news, that the Virgin blood is crying, from the near towns and the same city of Bethlehem, many faithfuls met in the place, and oration chains were organized, that were going to continue until today.