The Dr. OZ Show - Near Death Experiences: Are they real?



Dr. Oz’s talks about a miracle that happened with a patient named George.


Sept 29, 20011 - Dr. Oz is joined by Dr. Mary Neal, a surgeon who was skeptical of these experiences until she drowned while on vacation…and lived to tell her story, Dr. Sam Parnia ‘What Happens When We Die’ It’s a question that has puzzled doctors and scientists for centuries… What happens when we die? Is there life after death? Does heaven exist? Today, Dr. Oz meets with Laurelynn (Brooklyn, CT), Steven (Oak Park, FL), Steven (Annandale, NJ), and Amy (Springfield, PA), all of whom believe they once crossed over to the other side.

Dr. Oz NDE's -Then, does your personal doctor believe in near death experiences?


Dr. Oz’s Near Death Experience With George

Dr. Oz has had a patient with a near death experience and says one study shows these near death experiences happens to 800 people in the U.S. everyday. One patient of Dr. Oz’s named George needed heart surgery and Oz didn’t think he would survive but convinced Dr. Oz to operate, during the surgery George began hemorrhaging and Oz couldn’t get it to stop. At the end of 3 days and a miracle Oz said he would never forget, the bleeding stopped. Oz then got a call from ICU that George was waiting for him, he doesn’t say anything, just nods his head. He asked Dr. Oz how long was he out and Oz told him about 3 days. He told Dr. Oz “I thought it was about that long” Oz asked him what he was talking about. George said ” I felt like he was in this deep dark ether, this jelly. I looked up and I could see this bright light in my eyes and I began to fall away from it like a bug on it’s back I couldn’t move my body that well, but I knew if I lost sight of the light I would die”

George said it was like he paddled he way vigorously toward the light knowing that was where he needed to be, he did this until the light was right in front of him and he pushed himself up and he woke up. This convinced Oz that there is a life after death.


Laurelynn’s Near Death Experience


Laurelynn’s remembers floating out of her body watching her body being worked on in the operating room.

Laurelynn went for her surgery and her doctor punctured her abdominal aorta, she lost a massive amount of blood and was clinically dead. She said next she was up off the ceiling and looked down and saw her body. After looking down and what was going on she went up and out to an expanse of total blackness the most comfortable, peaceful, quiet and there is a light on the horizon and what she wanted to do the most was go into the light it was a place of unconditional love, it was a place she said she would never want to leave. Before she got the light her deceased brother in law intercepted her from getting to the light. He took her on a journey and they talked and he told her she had to go back there was a mistake you have to go back to live your life’s purpose and at that she said she was pulled back dropping back through the darkness to land in her body and she was back.

Dr. Oz spoke with Laurelynn about this place where 800 people a day go and asked her what is different about her life now.Laurelynn said she lives each day like it is her last and see’s herself as a more spiritual person and less religious. She went on to say that all religions work it’s all good.


Steve’s Near Death Experience

Steve was hospitalized after a massive asthma attack which put him into pulmonary arrest. While in this coma everything was this light, blue grey in color and the only thing that was with him was a being beside him , he could feel his presence, it was a comforting presence of magnitude and power. Steve said he felt things were all right and he began a review of his life, but experiencing it from other peoples points of view and that was a stunner because he felt their pain, the sting, the hurt. Steve said it was this horrifying realization that he was not really the person he thought he was. At that point the being beside him said that it was alright, that is what humans do, humans make mistakes and now he could let all that go. Steve then found himself in the middle of space surrounded by stars, galaxies and felt like he was a part of the universe then he started seeing future events and saw that his children would be needing him and really felt like he needed to be back to help them.

Dr. Oz asked Steve what happened after he returned back to his body and his reply was he came back to his body in excruciating pain and paralyzed from the neck down and was told it was going to be permanent. Oz then went on to ask Steve does he think he was given a second chance at life and when his time comes for his next review in life he wants to have a better grade.

Dr. Oz tried to explain to everyone what happens to the brain once a person flatlines and as the neurons in the brain begin to die, as they suffocate, they don’t all suffocate at the same time. Oz says this is important and this is what they think happens when you leave your body in a near death experience. Some parts of the brain will actually sense these things have a better blood supply so the sides of the brain is where we hear, the back of the brain is where we can see. The areas of the brain that die first are the connections between the sensory areas of the brain.

Next Sam Parnia MD-What Happens When We Die, Dr. Parnia became interested in this puzzling question when he heard the accounts from some of his patients of what they experienced while clinically dead.


Sam Parnia MD- talks about his book What Happens When We Die

According Parnia we never thought we could go beyond the point of death, but they now know is that through science that death is a process that occurs when the heart stops but in fact continues. He has had patients that have crossed over the threshold of death and have come back and reported experiences.

Dr. Parnia’s book “What Happens When We Die” on his studies on NDE’s experience’s, one of a child with a near death experience at the age of 3. Dr. Oz asked Dr. Parnia “What do you think happens at death?”

Dr. Parnia “The first thing we have learned over the last decade is that many people are afraid of death, actually it’s not something to be afraid of. For most of us who die through natural cause the experience of death is not unpleasant, it’s a very pleasant experience. The second thing we have begun to discover is contrary to our traditionally formed mindset after we die, death is reversible for a number of hours, the human mind and consciousness, that thing that makes us into who we are, that doesn’t die just because we declared someone dead.


Dr. Mary Neal’s Near Death Experience


Dr. Mary Neal talks to DR. Oz about her near-death experience. Watch/view video [Do You Believe in Life After Death?] * Read news story about Dr. Mary Neal [here].


Then moved on to a surgeons life changing account of her near death experience-the shocking discovery that made her a believer. She was very skeptical of NDE’s until she drowned while on vacation. On the last day of her vacation they all got into their boats and started paddling down the river she was engulfed by the water and her boat was pinned between the rocks and said nothing she was going to do was going to make a difference. At this point she relaxed and gave her life to God’s Will. She said she was then enveloped with this very physical sensation of being held, comforted and reassured. She thought about her husband and children and was assured they would be fine.

 Finally her body broke loose of the boat and she was free and her spirit was free from her body and then she was above the river, she was then immediately greeted by ten or twelve spirits and she knew they had come to guide her on her journey back to God.

While she was with the spirits she could also see that Chad, his brother and his father had pulled her from the river and had started CPR, she said the younger boy kept calling out to her saying ‘please come back, please take a breath’. She would go back to her body, take a breath then rejoin these other spirits that were guiding her. She said they were moving towards this great hall, there was jubilation, she was going home! Then there was sadness, the spirits told her it was not her time to die, She still had work to do and that she had to return to her body.

Dr. Mary Neal said she has Faith but now she also has knowledge. There were 3 tasks she had to do and the 3 major things that have come to pass since Mary’s near death experience are;


1. Protect her husbands health. 2. Being a spiritual rock in which upon which her family and community could stand after the death of her oldest son. 3. Coming back and telling her story

Mary Neal’s son was skating while struck by a car and instantly killed. Dr. Neal said before her NDE experience she saw herself as a highly skilled and highly trained mechanic. After her experience she began to see herself as healer not so much a surgeon.