Image of Rosary with Cross appear in Infants Baptism photo


Mother Erica with Valentino

Photographer Maria Silvana


January 25, 2013 - Reported [here]. This incredible photo. It was taken during a baptism, in the province of Cordoba in Argentina, and it is evident the shape of rosary with the cross formed by the baptismal waters. The photo dates from October 2009, when Erica Mora, mother of 21 years girl, baptized his son Valentine. Unable to afford a photographer, asked Maria Silvana Salles, contracted from other parents and owner of a photography studio, to make them a free picture. Using a traditional film camera, Maria Silvana realized the uniqueness of the photo, just after having printed: Holy water poured from Osvaldo Macaya, priest of the parish of the assumption of our Lady, had taken the form of a rosary.

Technically, a peculiar form created with water is pretty much irreproducible. If the chain of rosary is due to the water's edge. The cross can be explained only with the clash of drops. Hitting each other, they formed the various arms of the cross, but I challenge anyone to recreate a result like that! Furthermore you have to guess the exact moment for the shot.

Imagine the amazement of the photographer. Even the parish priest was amazed and Valentino's mother said: "it's a sign that we need to believe in God."