Our Lords chair - The Chair Jesus would sit in when he appeared to mystic Rhoda Wise.

An ordanary kitchen chair that in later years was painted gold.



[See/view] larger photo of this chair Jesus used during an apparition with Rhoda.


Photo/story from book titled Her Name Means Rose -The Rhoda Wise Story written by Karen Sigler S.F.O.



After three months in the hospital Rhoda was not doing well here wound on her abdomen would not heal and she was suffering greatly. The doctors said there was nothing left they could do and they sent her home to die. On the early morning of May 28th she awoke to a light in [this] room which at the time was her bedroom. And when she turned to see who it was Jesus was sitting in the gold chair by her bed. It wasn't painted gold then. It was just a kitchen chair. Anna Mae painted it to make sure no one would mistake that, that was the chair.

When Rhoda saw Jesus sitting in it she was not suprised to see him. She said have you come for me? She was hopeful that is why he came because she was suffering so much. He said no you time has not come yet I'll be back in 31 days. She went to touch him and he was gone. He did come back but not to take her. He came back with the little flower St. Therese. And she was the one who went over to Rhoda in her bed. Motioned for her to take the bandage off her abdomen. She put her hand there and said I'm the littel flower you have been tried in fire and not found wanting. Faith cures all things. Her abdomen was healed. She had all new tan skin on her abdomen.

On the first anniversary of her miraculous cure, June 28, 1940, Monsignor Habig blessed and dedicated a new altar in her home. It was a simple altar made of wood by Rhoda's husband (and it is still in the home today). By the end of July four people had reported cures. One of them was a woman who had injured her kneecap in a accident and refused surgery. She walked with a cane and was in constant pain. The leg gradually began to shrivel. After sitting in Our Lords chair during a visit to Mrs. Wise on Ascension Thursday, the leg lengthened and straightened. It was not necessary for her to use her cane when she left the Wise home, and the written report given to [Monsignor Habig] the next December included the fact that she was still walking with out pain.

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