Maltese woman recounts near death experience after food poisoning, falling into coma




November 5, 2021 - Reported [here]. Brights lights, a tunnel and a feeling of absolute joy. Maltese woman Jennifer Grech has opened up in some detail about a near-death experience she passed through after slipping into a coma a few years ago.

Interviewed on [TVM]’s Topik, Jennifer said she felt extremely dizzy and nauseous after eating a Meat Feast pizza she had ordered, and which turned out to have included some kind of poison.

“The ground started appearing close-up and then far away, as though I were drunk or hallucinating,” she said. “I spent a night in pain and thought I was dying.”

Jennifer was hospitalised the next morning and slipped into a week-long coma, where she saw visions that many people in her situation have also experienced.

“I saw myself as an eight-year old girl in an endless tunnel filled with indescribable light. I was giggling and skipping, I knew the light was guiding me and I knew it was Jesus. I felt so much joy and happiness in my heart that I knew it was Him.”

“As I was skipping along, I saw a series of photos of my life… from when I was young to when I grew up, all the way to the last photo, which was of my daughter wearing her Confirmation dress.

Jennifer said that although she wanted to keep exploring the tunnel, that last photo made her realise that her daughter needed her with her.

“It was a wake-up call to me to return and fight for my life. I woke up but I’ll never forget those photos.”

She said she started looking at life through a different lens since passing through her near-death experience.

“I started appreciating the people around me even more. When a friend messages me during the day to ask how I am, I appreciate that she thought of me despite being so busy. We must appreciate life because we never know when it will end.”