Infant Jesus appears on rose petal from visionary Carmello who has gift of rose petals, Philippines



November 18, 2003 - Kindly donated by Rosemary Holbert. Visionary in Philippines with gift of rose petals, [Carmello]. Petals changed after prayer meeting in a private home, where also the multiplication of food had occurred. Every petal was different. The story behind the rose petal picture, was a group of Philippine Catholics were somehow chosen to have the visionary Carmello from the Philippines, come to a Marian Movement of Priests prayer meeting in Salinas CA.

The hostess had prepared food for 20 and 40 showed up, coming all the way from SF and other cities. Carmello had taken some roses from the vase and asked everyone to form a circle and place the petals on the inside the collar of their shirts. Carmello lead the group in prayer for about 1/2 hour. At the end of the prayers, he asked everyone take from their collar the petal he had given them. He said everyone had an image that was special for them and was a gift from Our Lady. So everyone witnessed this miracle with the rose petals and also that even though there was only food prepared for 20, all 40 ate their fill and there was still food left over.


Thanks to Rosemary Holbert for this sharing story.