When a Rosary turns gold, it's time to take the prayer more SERIOUSLY!



October 27, 2019 - Reported at [guadalupehousehi.blogspot.com]. Following is a excerpt from [this] story. See the "finger Rosary" pictured above? It used to be a silver-gray color for the 3+ years I've had it. I'm sure many of you understand what I'm describing because these types of small metal rosaries are common. The fact is - at about 2:30AM this morning it was silver-ish with green patina due to long-time exposure to Hawaii's salty air. Then, after using it to pray at about 7:30AM, I was surprised to find it mysteriously changed to a golden color between my fingers, in the brief span of about 15 minutes! That was more than 10 hours ago... and I'm still in awe.

I decided to post about it because I know there's an important, underlying message behind it - not just for me, but for everyone else out there. And the message is very simple - this was Our Lady's way of reaffirming the IMMENSE VALUE OF THE ROSARY DEVOTION - PRECIOUS, AS SYMBOLIZED BY GOLD. IT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN MORE SERIOUSLY AND PRAYED WITH FREQUENCY. NOW, IN THESE PRESENT TIMES.

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