New claims of new cures at Ohio’s Miracle House

Miriam Wagner had a heart valve healing after visiting the Rhoda Wise home




Above images are of Miriam Wagner who had a heart healing after a visit to the Rhoda Wise home.



November 17, 2014 Reported [here] from [here]. Nine months ago we [showed] you a house in Canton where people say they were miraculously healed. Now- there’s an incredible update. Several FOX 8 viewers who saw the report claim they also have been cured.

Following is excerpts from [this] video from Miriam Wagner talking about her heart healing. Curiosity brought her here. I heard so may stories about this place I wanted to see it and experience it for myself. An encounter that Miriam Wagner says may have saved her life. When I went back to see my heart specialist for my regular check up. The first thing she said when she walked in the room was I have a suprise for you. I said what? She said you have had a miracle.

When Miriam visited the Wise home she got overpowered by the fragrance of roses that she almost passed out. Miriam didn't understand what was happening. The caretaker of the Wise home Karen said to say thank you that you have had a blessing. Something Miriam says her doctor confirmed. Her medical records seem to support. That the inoperable narrowing of the aortic valve has improved. She said I'm serious. That I had to get three other radiologists to read your reports that the main branch to your heart is no longer leaking. She said that values do not repair themselves. She said that we all say that is was a miracle.

To visit Rhoda Wise's home or [obtain] copies of The Rhoda Wise Story call 330-453-0322 or write 2337 25th St. NE Canton, Ohio 44705. Learn more about these events at []. [Read/view] Biography on Rhoda Wise. Visit the Rhoda Wise Home Religious Center [Facebook].