Son sees Jesus on tree on Anniversary of Father's death





Reported in [] on October 30, 2014. From [here]. One resident of Rhode Island is convinced that an image of Jesus has appeared on a silver maple outside his home in North Providence. Brian Quirk was returning from visiting his father's grave on October 12 - the sixth anniversary of his death - when he spotted the image. While others might walk past the 3-inch marking and give it no further thought, Quirk and his mother believe it resembles Jesus.

And while others might not agree, Quirk and his mother are happy to believe it. They see it as particularly meaningful because the tree marks a special place for Quirk's father prior to his death. Quirk, who is recovering from open heart surgery, told The Valley Breeze: "Curiously, it is in the same area where my father would sit outside during his last few months before losing his battle with cancer." He described it as a "natural organic phenomenon to the faithful" and added that his devout Catholic mother "finds comfort knowing the image is there". "Its ability to evoke a spiritual sense of awe is immeasurable," he said.