Jim Caviezel talks about his suffering making The Passion of the Christ.

He mentions being close to death. His shoulder dislocated, lungs full of fluid, struck by lighting and remembers being out of his body and looking at it.




February 7, 2014 - Reported in [ingodscompany2.blogspot.com] from [this] video. Jim mentions (at the 16:05 mark in [this] video) this was the 5th take the clouds were so low. The thunder and lighting were so powerful you could feel the earth move. I saw two people looking up at me and there eyes were watering. I heard a huge gasp in the audience because they saw something, but I couldn't hear anything. It was like an eye of the storm, when your in the eye of the storm your hair could be blowing, winds and I never heard the wind blowing it was silence. 5 seconds 4, 3, 2, 1 and this light came right down from heaven lite me up. What people witnessed was an illumination of my body and a fire at the right and left side of my head. And for one moment I was looking at myself from outside of my body.

Jim was asked if there were a lot of people during the filming that were indifferent as extras in the movie. Jim said yes there were 3 groups of people the believers, the non-believers and there were the fence riders. They are the one who are very indifferent about it. Two of those are bad decisions. What is amazing is that people who think they are fence riding think that that is not a choice. It is a choice, you are fence riding and that is a decision that one is making. But, when I was hit everybody fell on their face. The ground shook.

Throughout the film I was always praying, fasting happened because of the sickness. From the start of the film Jim was throwing up, both lungs filled with pneumonia. At the end of the movie Jim said when he was on the cross, his body was blue there was no make up. "My body was actually blue." Jim started the film at 210lbs and on the cross was 168lbs. Jim says that after the filming he had to have heart surgery. Jim said that he knew if he died making this movie it would have be worth it by saving so many souls.