Our Lady of Guadalupe wept tears of oil, Florida

In 1998 Vimer Nagun was 17 years old. He said he had visions of Mary and sometimes other Saints as well. Vimer first went public in January of 1996.



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Dade City, Florida: A statue of the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus at the home of Vimer Nagun who claimed to have visions of the Virgin Mary. Since Nagun's first apparitions, thousands of pilgrims have visited the teens home. Newspaper article titled "Religious Sighting Bring the Faithful To Teens Doorstep," excerpted below:


August 15th 1996 - Reported in the Tampa Tribune. Journalist Steven Orlando first makes note of Nagun's apparitions; it is probably no coincidence that August 15th marks the Feast of the Assumption (of Mary, body and soul, into heaven), a Holy Day of Obligation in the Catholic Church. Many faithful, Filipino and otherwise would make pilgrimages to learn of Mary's messages. Vilmer says he had at least 500 conversations with Mother Mary since July 8, 1995. The apparitions happen about 6:40 pm every day except Sunday.

The faithful gathered daily at his Pasco County home. He says he also has seen Jesus and a host of Angels and Saints including St. Patrick, Saint Francis of Assisi and Michael the Archangel. The youngest of six, Vimer says Mother Mary delivers messages to him. He writes them in a notebook while kneeling on his front pourch before a Crucifix and statues of The Blessed Mother and Jesus. Many of the messages condemn abortion. Others mention the second coming, offer blessings and call for prayer. As for why he sees the apparitions, the Zephyrhills High School junior says little. " I don't know," he said " I really don't know."... Vimer said he first told others of his experiences in January 1996. They began gathering on Saturday a month at the grotto at Saint Leo Abbey (where the visions first took place).