Rhoda Wise Sacred Heart, the Little Flower, Grotto that Our Lord asked to be built





“This place is to be a Shrine” - On April 3, 1940 at 2:40am our Lord appeared to Rhoda and told her among other things: “…This place is to be a Shrine and cures more wonderful than your own will take place on this spot.”

Soon afterwards in honor of our Lords request a small altar room within the home was created for pilgrims to pray. After Rhoda’s death, her daughter Anna Mae continued to keep the house open for pilgrims for 47 years, until her death in 1995. She left the home to Mother Angelica and Eternal Word Television Network, and in October 2001, the home of Rhoda Wise became the property of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, which is the Monastery that Mother Angelica founded.

The home is still open to visitors. Graces and favors from the Sacred Heart, the Little Flower, and Rhoda are still being reported. In 2001, a Grotto in honor of the Sacred Heart was built on the site.

Learn more about these events [here] and at [RhodaWise.com], Read a biography on Rhoda Wise [here].To visit Rhoda Wise's home or [obtain] copies of The Rhoda Wise Story call 330-453-0322 or write 2337 25th St. NE Canton, Ohio 44705. Visit the Rhoda Wise Home Religious Center [Facebook].