Our Most Holy Mother's mantle turns blue in miraculous photo taken of her white statue at The Padre Pio Shrine in South Jersey.



Top left photo is the Blessed Mother's white statue that a photo was taken of where Our Lady's mantle turned blue. Top right photo is the miraculous photo [see large image] where Our Most Holy Mother's mantle turned blue. Botton photo is a full photo of The Shrine where you see Our Most Holy Mother, St. Pio and Our Holy Father's statues at this beautiful open air Shrine.




November 16, 2012 - Reported in [SpiritDaily] online newspaper. From a story titled "From the mail when Heaven manifests."" Attached is a photo, taken by my daughter, of the Blessed Mother at the Padre Pio Shrine in South Jersey this week," wrote George Creel recently. "The actual statue is pure white, but it appeared on her camera with a blue mantle! The picture was taken in the evening after the group she was with finished praying the Rosary. There were several witnesses who saw this image on her cell phone immediately. I can assure you that it was not altered in any way! The group were members of a Betania  [organization, modeled after the famous apparition in Venezuela] in Williamstown, New Jersey. My daughter, Kaitlyn, is friends with one of Maria Esperanza's granddaughters, Vanessa, who lives in Williamstown. I don't know if this has anything to do with this, but Vanessa's mother, Coromoto (daughter of famed mystic Maria Esperanza, who was the seer at Betania and whose cause for beatification is underway -- in New Jersey) just happened to be in town this week helping Vanessa with her new baby." [Visit] the St. Padre's Shrine. [Address] is U.S. Route 40 & Central Avenue Landisville, New Jersey 08326.