Gods glitter/frosts/[escarchas] also graced at this Cross of Kerrville.




August 3, 2012 - Reported at [Spirit Daily.com] from [kens5.com]. San Antonio – Visitors to a Kerrville monument claim spiritual phenomena are manifesting at the prayer site. You can feel the presence of God here.And that’s just an added bonus,” said Pat Jordan, a long-time contributor to the Coming King Prayer Garden. The bonuses are the images visitors are capturing on film and in snapshots: orbs surrounding the monument like soap bubbles. In another photo taken by Ron Hicks, there is an image of a blurry figure many believe is an angel appearing at the foot of the cross. Hicks said there was no one near the cross on the April evening when he took the photo. Like many believers, Hicks said the manifestations show that God is at work here.

“Is there things manifesting? Yeah. But a lot of it is physical healing. A lot of it is emotional healing. Peace itself,” said Bobby Dendy. Dendy is from Arizona, but cut his trip short along Interstate-10 when he saw the cross. Dendy was going to Boerne, Texas, until he said God told him to stop and pray… and help raise money for the prayer garden. Dendy has since set up a revival tent at the foot of the monument, and he has stayed there for nearly two weeks.

Max Greiner, Jr., who designed the prayer garden, said something else is accumulating beneath the sculpture:  a golden-dust that falls on the prayerful. Greiner said the shiny material is mentioned in the Bible.“It can look like glitter make-up or glitter. But when you didn’t put on glitter make-up, and it suddenly starts covering your hands and faces and clothes, then you know it is God,” said Greiner. But Greiner is quick to point out that the purpose of the prayer garden isn’t to lift up angels or miracles, but Christ. “People are getting touched and changed at the cross,” he said. “God has made this one of his dwelling places on earth.”



[Cross address] - Kerrville Garden 520 Benson Dr. Kerrville, Texas