Rosa Mística cries tears of blood Santiago del Estero, Argentina





Rosa Mystica crying tears of blood
Our Lady weeps tears of blood



May 5, 2012 - Reported at []. Translated from Spanish. Moved to the province an image of the Virgin that weeps tears of blood. On Good Friday first appeared. Yesterday, nearly a thousand people came to worship. Late Monday night in this city are suddenly shocked with the news that the little plaster image of Maria Rosa Mystica you have in your house in the neighborhood The Quiroga family Remanso, wept blood. The news was made public by the intervention of a neighbor who called a radio to report the situation and immediately dozens of people filled the small house and spontaneously began to pray the Holy Rosary.

"Not the first time this happens, always happened that the Virgin was crying blood, but for fear of what people would say we never warned, only to close, but as people learned. Many students came to ask before exams and entered the room to pray and then they left, "he said quietly Quiroga Queen Matilde Juarez of the owner of the image. As it turned out, a neighbor, newly aware of the situation, went to the house of Quiroga family, and seeing that the image had a small amount of red spots on local radio reported that given the news, and minutes later a significant number of people began arriving at the family home Quiroga, and spontaneously began to pray the rosary and other prayers dedicated to Mary.

"When we lived in Buenos Aires happened a couple of times. We consult someone about this and she told us that Our Lady was blessing our family. Others told us that this was a bad omen. The truth is that I was very sick, I never stopped praying and I recovered and here I am, "he said with absolute calm Matilde Juarez of Quiroga. Feelings - Some of the testimony of neighbors gathered at the scene realize that the moment they touched the picture felt different sensations, intense heat and shivering, while others say the image was completely wet by the time they took grace, as if it were crying tears.

"Before, all we did on July 13 procession with the image and prayed for the families of the neighborhood, but then people stopped coming and stopped making the procession, I believe that the Virgin wanted to say again, that people stop being so selfish, I think that we asked the mother of God, "said Queen Mathilde de Quiroga at the end. At press time, a long line of faithful Loreto and others who came from nearby sites, had been formed to take on the small image grace that humble dining chairs the Quiroga family, while provincial and national media echoed information that shocked the Loreto.