Oil oozing Jesus Image, Houston, Texas




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March 19, 2009 - Reported in [abclocal.go.com]. Some people say there's a miracle sitting in one southwest Houston home and many journey every week to see it for themselves. Dozens of people flock to the weekly prayer service. What makes it a little more unusual is it's held in a home and those who go inside say what happens within the walls takes their breath away. It's a quiet southwest side neighborhood where people go about their lives. Once a week, though, they come from all over.

"I've been coming here off and on for about nine years," said a female visitor. They check their shoes and their troubles at the door. "It's warm, beautiful and just peaceful," she said. Those who come here say it's not just about what you feel. "No one can explain it, we can't explain it, until you actually see it," said the woman. They say as they weep, Jesus weeps with them. "I believe our Lord is crying because of the sins of the world," said visitor Buddy McCauley. "It's an overwhelming experience to see oil oozing from a picture of Jesus and it does touch your heart, because you can't explain it," said another visitor. Here no problem is too big or small.

"It kind of helps get you through your troubles and your problems and you feel a little peace even for a little while," said the woman. The pilgrims who journey here each week say one miracle seventeen years ago was just the beginning of many more. The son of the homeowner was miraculously healed of cancer. "I believe God provided the owner a miracle in the curing of the son and in so doing he chose the right man because he has opened his out to people to adore the presence of Jesus," said McCauley.

They've been holding weekly rosaries every since. At times guests are completely overcome, even dabbing oil from the painting on their bodies. "Each week I see people come and they receive faith and a spiritual healing," said McCauley. When the last prayer is read and the last song is sung, they still step back out into a chaotic world and busy lives. "It's a beautiful gift and we need to come and be a part of this miracle," said a visitor. They say what happens here changes lives and that keeps them coming back every week. "I found true peace and faith here," said McCauley.

Those who pray at that home every week say sometimes forty or fifty people crowd into the home. They find out about it only by word of mouth.



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