Christmas Escarchas/frost Miracle, Nicaragua



Escarchas on Church pew/floor. Above Image and story from [here] and [here].


Christmas Miracle December 25th 2011 - All Catholic Christians, men and woman of good will. The language of the frosts is half the lady used to awaken our capacity for God, homo capax Dei." In a world that is losing its capacity for transcendence, no wondoer that the lady, as a good educator uses the means of creation to bring you to the foor of his beloved Son, and this happens on Christmas, let me immersed in silence to the mystery.

I am convinced that the language of the frost is a means, not an ed. On December 25th, yesterday, after the Eucharist, the Lady said again, very bright silvery frost, sunflower and red. My brothers and I understand the message as follows: My children, do not be afraid I'm here with you, intercede for the faithful to the contemplative vocation they have chosen to come to the end. Crosses take each day as a sacrifice offered for the love of God. The Lady leads us to the foot of her devine Son and the Gospel reminds us: "whoever wants to follow me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." Faced with this demonstration, we want to do as Mary "kept all these things in her heart". In silence basically mature. Since we gt the image of Rosa Mystica Opus Germany experienced an indescribable joy. We share with you what happened on December 25th 2011. Fray Jaimie Valdivia Pinell, Real. Albertiniano Monastery Immaculate Conception of Mary. Diocese of Esteli, Nicaragua.