Manifestation of the Mystica Rose with Escarchas



Translated from Spanish. Images and story from [here].



Frosts on the head of the Virgin

More frosts on the floor



February 29, 2012 Manifestation of the Mystica Rose with Escarchas. This one wonderful manifestation in the house of the godmother of a friend, Emmanuel Zorrilla, faithful propagator of the Mystical Rose after taking of visit the Image Pilgrim of the Virgin. He was really very surprising, and of which I was witness I myself, administrator of this blog, of an amiable invitation of Emmanuel and which very I am been thankful They excuse the quality for the photos, I believe that they are not very good, since I only used the camera of my movable telephone.

The frosts were everywhere, in all the halls, the objects of the place, Thanks Madrecita Santísimas for so many granted thanks to this unworthy servant yours and to allow me to be witness to these wonders.