St. George's Orthodox Church myrrh-seeping Icons attract hundreds of believers





January 13, 2012 Posted in [this] blog/forum: FYI. The ACROD (American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese) parish in Taylor, Pa., (near Scranton), for some weeks now, has been having Wednesday night 6PM Moleben services to the Mother of God. They have a replica of the Hawaiian Iveron icon. Back in October, the parish was visited by the ROCOR (Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia) Reader who has possession of the [Hawaiian Iveron Icon] which had begun to stream with tears of myrrh. He gave the priest in Taylor, Mark Leasure, a replica copy of that icon. Within days, the gift icon began to stream.

He anointed a personal icon which he has (Kardiotissa?) with the myrrh, and it began to stream. So, now they have two streaming icons on the Tetrapod for people to venerate, and from which they anoint congregants with the myrrh. This last Wednesday, January 11, I got there late because I work until 5, and they start at 6. I got there as the priest began anointing people (he anointed me, also). I got to look up close. Both icons are enclosed by glass. The glass was covered with the myrrh like ice covers a window in the dead of Winter. From what I can tell, the myrrh appears to have penetrated through the glass! People tell me that it also penetrated through the wood part of the encasement.

From what I can see, it is authentic. They are not promoting this to the media. It has strictly been promoted by word of mouth. My impression was that most of the people at the Moleben were Roman Catholics. I did recognize some Byzantine Catholics from our area parishes, and both ACROD and OCA Orthodox people I know from the area. - Dn. Robert Behrens Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church Jessup, Pa.



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