Pilgrims visiting Conyers, Georgia smell scent of roses and find iridescent gold dust on their palms/hands




Article from [conyerswitness.com]. In July 2004, we made a pilgrimage to the shrine to leave a petition for a dying five year old little girl.  When walking across the driveway from the Welcome Center to the apparition room, my husband stopped abruptly, stating that he could smell the strong scent of roses.  He had lost most of his sense of smell several years previous with an acute sinus infection.  There were no flowers anywhere in the vicinity of the driveway.  He had not heard any of the stories about the scent of roses being associated with the Blessed Mother.

Following leaving the petition and praying the Rosary in the apparition room, we walked the Way of The Cross to the little church, where we lit a candle and walked back.  The gold dust was discovered on my hands as got into the car.  My husband also had gold dust on his palms.  The palms of our hands had changed.  They had a very polished appearance, like they had been waxed.  They were almost iridescent, with tiny specks of very bright glittering gold.  The photograph does not do justice to what we saw.

For the first several days the gold dust was easily seen anytime under bright light or in sunlight.  The phenomena gradually diminished and we could not see the gold dust all of the time.  For several weeks, when we would tell of the experience to others, and hold our hands in bright light or sunlight, you could again see the gold dust.  As we talked, some of the people we were talking to experienced the gold dust on their hands.  When we checked with some of those people at a later date, a few of them could see gold dust on their palms when they looked at them in sunlight.

When we worked on this web site it could be seen.  When we attended Mass and viewed our palms under bright light, gold dust could be seen.  It was the most prolific during adoration of the Holy Sacrament.  Often it was on the backs of the hands as well as the palms.

In the months following, it has diminished further in both the amount and the frequency.  It occasionally reappears, but in a small amount, while saying the rosary, after receiving communion, or during adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Bright light is usually, but not always required to see it.

We had fallen away from going to Mass regularly about ten years ago.  Since our visit to Conyers, we attend Mass almost daily and say the Rosary daily.  Daily Mass for us means going to three different parishes during one week in order to fit it into our schedule.  That is the kind of affect this experience had on us.  The desire comes from deep inside us and we feel uncomfortable if circumstances do not allow us to receive communion daily.  We are different people since our visit to Conyers.

Many of the issues that influenced our reduced attendance at Mass, we now view from an entirely different perspective.  We believe this new perspective was a gift that we received at Conyers. Jesus and The Blessed Virgin Mary have said that they remain at this very special place in Conyers, Georgia.  We are proof that graces still continue to flow there. The hands pictured have been checked by a physician who has absolutely no explanation for the phenomenon. Learn more about Conyers [here] and [here].