Our Lady's Eucharist bled in Rome






On Thursday, November 11, 1999 in [Via delle Benedettine] a new great Eucharistic miracle happened. A host, that had been previously put by Our Lady on the chalice of the white statue of the Mother of the Eucharist, bled; it was the 9th time that the Eucharist bled in the thaumaturgical place.

The host bled in three different moments. We quote the witnessing of Don Claudio Gatti, the Bishop ordained by God, who was the first to see the Eucharist bleeding: "It was about 1 p.m. when I went to pray before the host that on 3rd november had been put by Our Lady on the chalice of the white statue. I saw immediately a round spot of blood inside the host and some drops that were gurgling and coming out of its inside. I immediately called the people who were in the house so that they could see and witness the Eucharistic miracle. We prayed and sang, then everybody came back to their ordinary activities".

Later the bishop came back again before the Eucharist and noted surprisingly that the shedding of blood had not only stopped, but was continuing abundantly. In fact, while previously the blood had stained only the central part of the host, then in a second moment it had begun to overflow and had stained the superior part and partially the base of the chalice. In addition a drop had fallen onto the base of the statue. "I called the people again - continues Don Claudio - and adored the Eucharist and ascertained that the blood had continued to come out of it. Then we went to eat; lunch was very fast. At 2:45 p.m. I came back to pray and noted that in the meantime the shedding of blood had increased intensely up to wet the hand, the chalice, the clothing, the foot of Our Lady and many drops were on the base of the statue".

During the afternoon, since the biblical catechesis was scheduled, the members of the community who had come to Via delle Benedettine to listen to the Word of God, were impressed when they saw the great miracle performed by the Lord. The brilliant white of the statue contrasted with the yet living Jesus'blood. In addition, while the minutes passed the host rose before the people present, as if it wanted to show itself on the chalice.

We members of the Movimento wondered the reasons of this great sign of God, but above all we wondered: why when a statue of Our Lady bleeds or sheds tears of blood do everybody run to see it and instead when Jesus the Eucharist bleeds do few people come to adore Him? Who picks up the divine blood? The Mother of the Eucharist during the apparition that took place in the same day answered to these questions and, addressing Marisa, said: "Today I have told you that the world goes worse and worse; I must defend my son Jesus by those men who hate Him and you. The blood is an act of love for you and of suffering for those who don't believe. Until the world doesn't change, my heart and Jesus' heart will bleed. In the history of the Church it has never happened that in the same place so many and important Eucharistic miracles have happened and that the Eucharist bled nine times.

If Jesus the Eucharist bleeds it is not a good sign for the men of the Earth, but above all for those who say they are christians and keep on offending God. This is the strongest and most difficult moment of all the history of the Church and the Lord who is merciful yet waits for the conversion of the souls, but at the end He will be just and will intervene with justice. The Lord asks to welcome Him, to love Him, to adore Him and to keep Him company before all the tabernacles of the Earth. On Sunday 14th november the members of the community gathered in prayer before the Eucharist that kept intact a particular scent and showed that the blood had not undergone any process of decomposition.

The Mother of the Eucharist during the apparition spoke again about the great Eucharistic miracle and exhorted the faithful of the community to spread the new of this very important event: "Don't keep this miracle for you; it must be spread everywhere: in the houses, in the squares, in the districts and in the churches. Without fear bring and show the photos of the Eucharistic miracle. The situation must explode because the miracle is great; Jesus bled once again in the host. When He bleeds in the big host it is for all the priests, from the Pope to the most little priest and when He bleeds in the little host it is for all men. You know that man is not able to love, he doesn't love and kills". Will we be able to answer to this motherly appeal, so sad and dramatic? We keep jealously the three hosts that bled: the first one on 22nd march 1998, the second one on 17th may 1998 and the third one on 11th november 1999; all the three hosts are kept perfectly and they issue yet a delicate scent.



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