Oil weeping Medjugorje Madonna, blood tears from Infant Jesus and Crucifix photo - Cavarzere, Italy



July of 2002 - A picture that bleeds. Alina is praying in her kitchen, when a cry distracts her. She turns and sees the photo (above left) of the wooden cross of the Cathedral of Cavarzere bleeding. The Infant Jesus (above right) cried tears of blood in Alina's home.



May 2002 - The small statue of Mary, came from Medjugorje, oozes scented oil. Then also the Blessed Mother statue exudes oil. Note it collects around here feet.



Alina Coia a visionary from Cavarzere, Italy sees Our Lady and is given messages twice a month in front of the chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows of Forgiveness while she is recited the Rosary meditating. Our Lady appears on the 4th and 28th of each month. Since 2004, there are also messages from Jesus and St. Pio.