Testimony of liver cancer healing that occurred at Padre Pio's Miracle shrine



Story/photo by Sharon Hutchinson


May 2, 2004 - One Sunday, a woman from Ireland was holding a frame which held pieces of his robe, as well as scabs from blood from his stigmata for people to place their hands on the glass while she prayed for everyone who came up. The woman must have been doing this for hours, yet she never complained or looked tired. People are very dedicated and volunteer their time to maintain the property. Someone even had the dirt parking area paved as a donation.

After we had prayed with her, another woman told me that she had come to the shrine daily to pray as she was afflicted with liver cancer. After a short time, her cancer went into remission with the possibility that it is completely gone. Liver cancer, of course, is always fatal as one cannot live without a liver in the body. She was certain her prayers to the Padre brought about her recovery. Unfortunately, I did not ask her name but cannot ever forget what she said.
[Visit] the St. Padre's Shrine. [Address] is U.S. Route 40 & Central Avenue Landisville, New Jersey 08326.