Statue in Lawrenceville, Georgia weeps oil




This statue in Lawrenceville, Georgia weeps oil. There are documented healings from Our Blessed Mother's tears. Below is an account of an eye witness to this miracle.



Praised and loved be Jesus and Mary: On the evening of Friday, August 6,1999. I visited the home of Ken and Joan Holland. I was asked to come and witness a statue of Our Lady of Grace that they claimed had been weeping tears of oil sporadically over the past month. The statue especially emitted the tears from both of the eyes and the palms of Our Lady's outstretched hands.

I arrived at their home about 8:15pm, and went immediately to their bedroom, where the statue was enshrined in a corner appropriately set up, with candles and shrine. Besides Ken and Joan, also present was there small daughter Brittney, and two lady friends who were visiting from Florida, Donna and Judy.

Just as they told me, I saw Mary's eyes filled with tears, so much so that they were running down her cheeks, and were being caught in a plastic container hanging from her chin. The eyes were not blurred, but crystal clear blue, as if Our Lady were looking right at you. I stood there awed and amazed at this phenomenon of which I had heard about from other places, but now saw with my own eyes and heart. A feeling of reverence and love for Mary swept over me. Then I noticed that the palms of Mary's hands were also exuding drops of oil. This oil didn't have any scent to it.

I then asked Ken for a large flashlight and proceeded to inspect every inch of the statue, front and back, from top to bottom. I could not detect any kind of tampering with the statue which could be evidence of some kind of fraud being perpetrated. Satisfied that this was truly miraculous, we all got down on our knees and prayed the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary. I knelt right in front of the statue and watched the oil-tears come out of her eyes and hands even more profusely, as we prayed. It was the most intense and recollected rosary I had ever prayed.

After finishing, I again called for the flashlight, and now we all noticed that oil had been coming out of the garment Our Lady wore: not profusely, as it was from the eyes and palms of the hands, but enough so that we could see the folds of the garment were glistening with the oil. We took cotton balls and wiped out this oil, at the bottom of her feet was a large pool of oil that had collected there.

It is my opinion (and I stand to be corrected by the church authorities) that this is truly a miraculous event. The next day Joan phoned me to tell me that Mary in a locution, told her that the oil signifies the healing power of Mary's prayer and activity. I suggest that the oil also represents the energy of the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Thomas Francis O.C.S.O. May 13, 2000 -The Statue of Our Lady wept again. Our Lady gave a message to me simply saying, "I continue to cry because my children are not listening to me." December 5, 2000. The Statue of Our Lady started weeping on December 1, and is still weeping today.