The Weeping Icon of Our Lady of the Holy Protection, Barberton, Ohio


St. Jude's Church in Barberton, Ohio
Father Roman



[Weeping Icon of Our Lady of the Holy Protection exuding tears]

[Article about Father Roman's passing]



Humble place for a miracle - In 1992 St. Jude's Church in Barberton, Ohio at what once was a barbershop has a Icon that brought awe to those who saw it's tears. In a tiny church located in the industrial section of a small Ohio town, a painting of the Virgin Mary has been seen by thousands weeping. At St Jude Church in Barberton, Ohio, tears were reported to flow from the Virgin's eyes on the two-by-three-foot painting. The Icon is painted on canvas and backed by wood.

Many miracles have happened at this small church. 48 hours ran a special on miracle cures and they spoke to Erma Sutton who doctors told her she was going to have a amputation on her leg for a bad infection. But after a prayer before the Icon she was cured. Erma's doctor after examining her asked her if she had gone to see the weeping Icon. He was amazed at how her leg had recovered. There was many reports of rosaries turning gold and the scent of roses were often reported. People also said they saw the miracle of the sun.

St Jude's pastor, Father Roman, like many of the visitors to the church, believes the event in Barberton is a miracle "a sign of compassion from God." He says of the painting: "If it gives some blessing, we'd like people to come and see it. We want to try to bring people back to church and God."



[Address] St. Jude's Church of Barberton 594 5th St. NE. Barberton, Ohio 44203