Blind Woman Was Allegedly Healed Instantly At Site Of Medjugorje




September 19, 2003 - Reported in [Spirit] online newspaper. From Children of - Veronica and Alex visited us in Medjugorje this week too. They have come from South Africa every year since 1998 just to give thanks and praise to God. My wife, Cathy and I had never heard Veronica’s story… and so over a cup of coffee Sister Emmanuel suggested they share it with us!

For 22 years Veronica had been blind. Her retinas were damaged, and she has been unable to see. Veronica has always prayed to Jesus and Our Lady, and her faith is strong. One night in August 1998, while in pain, she began to pray. All of a sudden she saw Jesus standing before her beckoning to her with his arms outstretched. He showed her a panorama: a village, a mountain with a big cross on top, small shops and houses along the street, a large church with two steeples and inside, on the third stain glass window, the Blessed Mother. “I said to Jesus, ‘I don’t know where this place is.’ Jesus just looked at me and smiled and said, ‘Medjugorje!’ ”

In the morning she told her husband, Alex, everything she had seen and that Jesus had called the place Medjugorje. They phoned their travel agent, who had helped them visit many Marian shrines, and asked him if he knew of such a place. The agent had never heard of it. They were perplexed. A few days later they were surprised to learn how to get there from a friend who had just returned from a pilgrimage!

Upon arriving in the village, Alex said he knew exactly where everything was because Veronica had described it so well from her vision - the post office, the bridge, the church.... as they drove down the road every building was just as it had appeared to Veronica! They went to hear seer Vicka Ivancovic speak on the steps of the blue house. There were so many pilgrims that Alex and Veronica were squashed in the back of the group. As Vicka talked, Alex noticed that she was gazing at Veronica. Alex told her: “She is looking at you!” Then Veronica heard, “She’s waving at you! She’s smiling at you!” Then, when Vicka had finished speaking, Alex said, “She’s coming down and walking toward you!” “She’s right in front of you!” Then Vicka placed her hand over Veronica’s eyes and prayed. When Vicka removed her hand, one eye was completely healed and Veroncia could see!

Leaping for joy and dancing in the street Veronica cried out in thanksgiving. She, who was blind, could see! To this day she’s filled with such joy at the love of God that she can't resist reaching out and loving all those around her.

The next day after the healing, Veronica and Alex attended a talk by Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic in the yellow building behind the church. During his talk, to Veronica’s surprise a picture of the Gospa on the front wall came alive. A silence spread over the room (everyone, it seemed, knew something was happening). Then Veronica saw that Our Lady was holding something deep blue in her hands. It was the continent of Africa! What could this mean? They prayed. Hearing Sr. Emmanuel speak the following day it became clear. They were being called to spread Our Lady’s messages in Africa!