Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo during apparition with The Blessed Mother




Born in 1965, Mirjana is the most educated of the visionaries. She was the first to be told the ten secrets now being entrusted gradually to the other visionaries. Her apparitions ceased on Christmas Day 1982, except for an annual visit from Our Lady on her birthday, 18th March, and she has inner locutions on 2nd of each month, when Our Lady calls on her and the pilgrims to pray especially for unbelievers. It is Mirjana who will reveal the secrets to a priest whom she has chosen, Fr Petar Ljubicic, ten days before the events to which they relate are due to occur. Her prayer mission from Our Lady is to pray for all unbelievers. Marjana is the second oldest of the visionaries, a graduate from the University of Sarejevo where her family lived. Married to Mark Soldo who she knew since they were children, she lives in the parish of St James's Medjugorje and has two daughters.


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