Image of Jesus carrying his cross weeps blood - Bolivia



December 2, 2023 - Reported [here] and [here]. Rough translation from Spanish. Faithful kneel before image of christ who weeps blood. In Bolivia, a surprised family recorded a painting showing Jesus Christ with blood in his eyes, while carrying his cross.

The Callisaya family, from Bolivia, saw an extraordinary event born in their own home and with an image of Christ, whose eyes cry blood, and now they wait for specialists to come to analyze it.

Teodora Callisaya, head of the family where the event occurred, says that it is a message from God, because of all the things that are happening in the world.

Likewise, he said that surprised by the image, they placed it on an altar, since they say it is a miracle.

Another member of the family, Britany Callisaya, stated that it is a message that the divine wants to send to humanity, of his coming to earth.

Community members and faithful believers went to the family's house, kneeled and implored the painting for holy mercy; However, for others it does not represent the divine message as such.

For the analyst of religious phenomena, María Gutiérrez, she does not agree with other believers, and says that we must check and see from reality, indicating that there are studies for such investigations.

While, for the church, it is a fact that passes for miracles, it must be recognized by the Vatican and they say that it should not be used as a divine amulet, since it would be a lack of respect.