A new eucharistic miracle in Poland?

A whole town waiting for a possible Eucharistic miracle in Poland



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October 15, 2022 - Reported [here]. The news of an alleged Eucharistic miracle that occurred in a town near Warsaw, the capital of Poland, caught the attention of the faithful throughout the country.

According to [Wiara.pl] , during a mass in September, a priest accidentally dropped a consecrated host in the chapel of the Dobry Zakątek Retreat House in Konstancin-Jeziorna.

The celebrant, according to custom, placed the Eucharist in a liturgical vessel filled with water -called vasculum- to dissolve. When he looked at it a week later, he noticed that the dissolved host had turned partially red.

Upon discovering the change in the consecrated species, the priest director of the retreat house decided to place it in the tabernacle again and inform the archdiocese.

The Eucharist remained in the chapel until October 10, when it was collected by the authorities of the Archdiocese of Warsaw for an investigation.

The host arrived at the Warsaw Metropolitan Curia and is kept there, in the tabernacle, because, regardless of the results of the investigation, it is a consecrated host.

At the same time, the spokesman for the Archdiocese of Warsaw - Fr. Przemysław Śliwiński points out that two similar cases have been reported in the last ten years. Research conducted at the time ruled out the possibility of a Eucharistic miracle, showing the presence of certain forms of fungus on both Hosts.

Although scientific studies are still ongoing, the rumor of a prodigy that occurred in Konstancin-Jeziorna makes more and more people come to pray at the Retreat House.

Whether or not it is a Eucharistic miracle, the presence of Christ in the consecrated host is a true miracle.