Our Lady weeps myrrh - Timisoara, Romania



Our Lady cries tears of myrrh Close-up of Mother Marys tears
The Blessed Mother cries Close-up of Mother Marys tears
Our Lady of Fatima cries myrrh Tears stream down Our Ladys face
Our Lady weeping tears of myrrh  


May 24, 2021 - Reported [here]. Rough translation from Romanian. Divine miracle near Timisoara, say the faithful and the priest. The Virgin Mary cries with tears of myrrh at the church in Sanandra. Samples were taken and sent to the laboratory.

Divine miracle near Timisoara! The faithful say it, but also the Greek-Catholic priest from Sanandra. A statue embodying the Mother of God, located at the entrance to the place of worship, began to cry with tears of myrrh a few days ago. The parishioners noticed the miracle, the news spread quickly, and people gathered in large numbers to pray and brought flowers that they placed next to the statue.

The first to see the tears of the Blessed Virgin was the parish priest himself, " After the holy liturgy, the faithful left, the wind had blown, the flowers fell, I looked more closely at the Virgin Mary and then I saw as a tear something that was not water, because it was more consistent… On Wednesday it flowed much more, he leaned on the chin of the Virgin Mary and in the evening his left eye also started to cry ", says the priest George Radulescu.

" It seems like a miracle to me, I don't look for miracles, but I have faith, anyway. I also saw the tear on my chin, a substance that seems to me that I don't know where it comes from ", said a woman who had come to the church in Sanandra on Sunday to see the miracle with her own eyes.

" We are moved by miracles and wait for the Virgin to answer our prayers. It's a miracle , "said another believer. The monument at the entrance to the church in Sanandrei is a special one. He arrived in the community near Timisoara a year ago, as a donation from a Romanian believer in the city of Ulm (Germany), but so far nothing out of the ordinary has happened. The 'cave' in which the statue of the Virgin Mary is placed is brought from Lourdes, the statuette comes from Fatima, and the stones are from Medjugorje.

Immediately after finding out about what happened in Sanandra, believers from Arad and Timisoara gathered, who came by the dozens to worship and raise prayers.

Representatives of the Greek Catholic Diocese also came to the service on Sunday, took samples from the Saint's tears and placed the statue behind a glass panel. Then they applied a seal with the stamp of the archdiocese and announced that they would send the evidence both to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Timisoara and to Rome, to a laboratory, to find out if it really is tears of myrrh and if it that a divine miracle has taken place.

According to the parish priest George Radulescu, the statue continued to weep even after it was cleaned, and the cave in which it is placed was sealed, after samples were taken for laboratories.