Oil weeping Rosa Mystica statue, Greece






Our True Life in God prayer group in Rhodos/Greece was given years ago as a present a pilgrim statue of Our Lady called "Rosa Mystica". The past twelve months the statue was visiting every house of the prayer group members for at least nine days and often more. At least one time during these nine days, the whole prayer group was coming together to pray, either the Paraclisis which is an orthodox prayer to Our Lady or the Rosary. We have made a nice folder where the special requests of Our Lady Rosa Mystica are written, as well as special prayers taken from the book "Maria Rosa Mystica Montichiari-Fontanelle" (prayers for reparation, special prayers for the priests and other prayers required by Our Lady), a list of all the intentions of the TLIG family in Greece and special intentions for the sick, including the prayer requests of [True Life in God] worldwide.

On November 16, 2003 the statue was at Chara's house and we were all reciting the rosary. The UNUSUAL thing was that eight (8) children were participating on that day and they were leading the rosary and we adults answering. From the beginning of the rosary, the face and neck of Our Lady was oozing oil. The message which we opened at random after the rosary was dated April 09th, 1996 ....."Honour Me with sacrifices; honour My Heart with the innocence of a child......" The ladies who could stay that evening stayed the whole night till 4:00 o'clock in the morning and the statue continued to ooze oil, this time also on her joined hands. We made photos and took a video of this miracle. We thank Our Lady Rosa Mystica for this gift to all of us and this certainly gives us courage to persevere in prayers and do what She is asking of us: Prayer, Repentance, Sacrifice in unity with all our brothers and sisters of all denominations.