Weeping Madonna of Catania, Italy


Febuary 27, 2021 - Reported [here]. Rough [translation] from Italian.

A story of love and devotion that has lasted for 45 years her long road back to Albany. It was the evening of 03/31/1975, when in Catania in the residence "La Magnolia" in Via Nuovalucello 9, a mother like many others, Mrs. Maria Castorina, was in her bedroom to sleep her daughter, little Tiziana.

While she was in the room with the child, Maria heard a voice call, the woman turned and saw the bedside, which depicted the Madonna, weeping human tears. From that moment on, a coming and going of people and faithful began to go to the apartment of the Castorina family , to pay homage to the Virgin Mary.

In the month of October of the same year, little Tiziana was hospitalized in serious condition due to a cardiovascular problem, at the Garibaldi hospital in Catania.

The little girl, shortly thereafter, was declared clinically dead by the doctors.

Madame Maria, in desperation, turned to the bedside of the Madonna, who had been brought to the hospital room just to watch over the child.

And just in that moment, the first miraculous prodigy happened: little Tiziana woke up and asked her mother to be fed.

Under the disbelief of the medical staff, only Professor Leocata, a man of science and faith, rushed to little Tiziana, who after careful analysis of the case, the doctor issued to the Castorina family, a certificate attesting to the Miracle of the Virgin performed on the little Tiziana.

The news of this miracle aroused the interest of the media and newspapers of the time.

Even the Holy Father John Paul II was informed of this event, so much so that he received little Tiziana and the whole Castorina family in audience 6 times.

After 45 years, from the first anniversary of the first tearing of the painting and then that of the statue (given by Mrs. Maria to her daughter Tiziana in 1980).

The testimonies of miracles and supernatural events attributable to the Virgin are countless every year; as well as the apparitions of the Madonna herself, who addressed Mrs. Castorina every month, up to a few weeks before the woman's death.

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