Icon St. Paraskeva streaming myrrh Rhodes, Greece



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July 29, 2020 - Reported [here]. An icon of [St. Paraskeva] in a village in Rhodes appears to be streaming myrrh, according to the local hierarch.

Metropolitan Cyril of Rhodes is calling the faithful to “humility and modesty” after visiting the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in the village of Apollo.

He confirmed that the icon is “showing a sticky liquid that looks like oil with a pleasant smell,” reports [12nisospress].

“I wiped the streams from the icon myself, but ten minutes later the phenomenon appeared again,” the Metropolitan said.

“We expect to see how it will develop and we hold with humility and modesty, all of us, what we saw and what we felt,” he added.

Many Orthodox faithful are flocking to the church to venerate the icon.

According to [Ekklesia Online], the icon was recently transferred to the church from the village cemetery. The church is being kept open all day and night to accommodate those coming to pray before the myrrh-streaming icon.

Locals say the icon began streaming on the feast of St. Paraskeva on Sunday.