Audrey Santos Hosts that wept blood and oil that still weep oil to this very day



[See/view] large image of the miraculous Hosts.


May 30, 2020 - Above image from this [video] at the 13:17 minute mark. The tabernacle holds the blessed sacrament as it did in Audrey's lifetime. Inside this tabernacle there is the Host that was consecrated. That host began to bleed and since then has also wept oil. Underneath the host sitting on the patent there is a glass dish. The glass dish is a little bit less than half full of oil that has appeared from the host.

Behind it is what we call the angel host. Iit appeared miraculously one day nobody has ever claimed credit for it. It too is also soaked with oil. Which is amazing that having been in that condition for several years now it continues to be firm enough to stand on its edge and not to collapse.


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Little Audrey Santo, pray for us!